Beverly Stewart

Say hello…hi

Where are you from? Ringgold, Georgia

What led you to join Connect? I want to deepen my relationship with Christ.

How do you hope to participate? By reading and asking questions.


Great to meet you, @Beverly_Stewart - I know where Ringgold is - just south of Chattanooga - there used to be a Christian College for the deaf there. We live in the northeast corner of the state.

I look forward to hearing from you on Connect!


Hello @Beverly_Stewart Welcome to RZIM connect. Hope you find answers to your questions which deepens your relationship with God here.


Welcome aboard @Beverly_Stewart. Good to have you with us from Georgia. Deepening your relationship is a great goal and I think this forum will be a great edifier for you. The discussions are friendly and kind but also very uplifting and encouraging. Please engages frequently as you were able. God-bless you and your journey.