(Beverly) #1

Hi, I’m Bev, currently living in Kansas City, KS. I’m a Salvation Army officer (pastor). Our ministry includes meeting people’s needs from all walks of life, but especially the addicted, homeless, mentally ill and poor. I’ve loved Ravi’s writing and speaking for years and hope to gain further insight into the many questions that our people are asking. I pray that God will use me as an encouragement to others in their faith journey.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @therevbev,

We have much to learn from you - and I trust we will be able to encourage you as well. I’m grateful for your ministry and the example your work sets for all of us.

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(Daniel) #3

Welcome, Bev. I was very happy about your introduction :grinning: Even the brief description of your work is an encouragement to go to people in the name of Jesus and reach out to them and tell them about their Father in heaven. God bless you and the people around you.

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(Tabitha Gallman) #4

Welcome to the community @therevbev. What a fulfilling and much needed ministry you serve in. I know first hand what it is to be served by someone in your ministry when an immediate family member was being taken care of by someone in your position, so thank you for your willingness to serve. I have also worked for about a year with an organization in my area that serves the community through financial aid for those going through financial crisis. What a blessing to have you here with your insight and experience. :grinning: