Bible Memorization and Praying


Dear Fellow Saints

The title to this post encompasses two aspects of our Christian walks that can often be neglected or left to slide a bit but are critical to growth.

In October 2017, a group was formed that, after choosing which one, a chapter of a book of the Bible was memorized two verses per week. At first, there were about 6 of us that did so each week but as the group grew, we discovered that only 10 @your names could be done at a time so Carson created a way that more than 10 could be notified. Thus, @Bible_Memorization_Group was formed. Please see the post below:

How and Why to Memorize Scripture

Memorizing Scripture creates an intensity to pray. An outworking of God’s Word is prayer so as we continued, there grew the heart to want to pray for each other. We didn’t want to confuse or unintentionally have memorizers wade through prayer requests so we began two weekly threads. The first thread was entitled the two verses that we were memorizing that week and the second thread had the same name only the word “Prayer” was added to the title of the memorization post. That way if someone wanted to memorize, they could stick to the first thread. If someone wanted to pray as well, they could read or add a post to the second thread as well.

Carson and I have been discussing the situation. Both threads are listed under the category entitled “Bible Memory and Prayer”. In going back and forth about it, Carson has suggested that we continue both threads under this category. However, we wondered if the Bible memory thread would be sent to the @Bible_Memorization_Group and the thread with the verses of the week and “Prayer” would be sent out to @Interested_in_Prayer group. I think this is a good idea.

Thus, the @Bible_Memorization_Group folks will not be receiving the prayer thread unless they sign up under the @Interested_in_Prayer. Likewise, the @Interested_in_Prayer will not received the Bible memory verses of the week unless you have signed up in the @Bible_Memorization_Group. So if you want to be included in both threads, you’ll need to sign up under both.

An advantage to this concerns primarily the prayer thread in my estimation So often, people are asking for prayer but are not aware of the @Bible_Memorization_Group so, as I catch them, I try to get them to repost it to the prayer thread that we have. This way, those that want to pray and memorize can be a part of both but those that want to be part of one or the other have only to sign up for the appropriate area.

I’m sure my running at the mouth causes an awful lot of confusion so please post what is unclear to you about this as there are probably many others in your camp.


Brother Tim,

Whatever you decide - I will follow. This group is so encouraging to me. When I find myself losing heart - someone post something that really speaks to me. And almost every time I pray all of you and your request are on my heart. Praying for all of our kids, parents and concerns - and I read all the memorization post and I am proud of the verses I have learned but I don’t always keep up with your pace. Thank you so much for every post - and to everyone for sharing their prayer request.

Blessings to you all,


Thanks so much Darlene. I think with the prayer site being @Interested_in_Prayer, we may have more prayer input from others who are unaware of our group.

Darlene, I think the body is needed to lift the ones who are sagging. Then those who were lifting need the ones who were sagging and now are the lifters. Make sense?


Sounds good Tim, I think it will be easier for people to navigate.


Yes!! I am ever so thankful for all of you- brothers and sisters in Christ.



I am very excited about the idea and will love to see others join us! I can’t express how much being part of this group has meant to me and I’m sure there are others who need the support of brothers and sisters praying. We plant and we water, but it’s God who brings the increase. Prayer is a front-runner activity!!


I’ll have a post for memorization and another for prayer this week though we don’t have a memorization post but it will get us used to the idea. I think the prayer end will be the biggest extra because if we see a prayer request, we can ask them to post it to @Interested_in_Prayer.

I’m so very serious - I so love this group. Your hearts are so precious and caring. Thanks all!