Bible reading guide

Hey there! I want to read the whole Bible from cover to cover (I’m thinking of doing it chronologically), but I would love a guided reading plan or study guide or some kind of resource that can guide me through it and help explain some things a little more. I’ve found a plan that tells you how many chapters to read a day, but I haven’t found one that offers added information and guidance. Any suggestions?


@elh733 Great question :slight_smile: Here are a few resources I might recommend.

  • Gordon Fee has two books - “How to Read the Bible Book by Book” and “How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth”, both very good
  • The Bible Project on YouTube provides great summaries of each book as you read
  • “For the Love of God” by D. A. Carson walks you through the Bible with more details than a typical summary would have — a Pastor friend of mine said it could be helpful while reading
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