Bible Study Ideas

With a new year and a new decade coming up soon, looking at doing some a Bible Study. I have the Logos software but looking for some ideas.


Hey @Timothy_Driver1,

Great question!
If you have access to biblical commentaries, I’d suggest praying about it and just pick a book of the Bible to lean into. Then setup a group study where others can share and contribute. I’m sure you’re aware that as the Spirit leads your group as the source of truth, there will be times your group members may bring insights not in the commentaries.

As you dig into that book of the Bible, it’s fun (for me) to find parallel texts or related text in the Old Testament and New Testament. As part of a well rounded hermeneutic, explore the little observations and discover how it applied to the church back then, and then how it applies to the church now. Ask, “After reading this, what does God want me to do?” I often leave this out as I’m a little too analytical, and forget the heart of the person the text is meant to reach.

This is at least what I do with my resources.

I’m curious what you’ll find to explore!

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Wow! I hadn’t thought about a new decade starting. Maybe I should make bigger plans for next year.

Have you used the Logos software much? I have it, but I haven’t had time to explore it. I’d love to know what features you find most useful.

I shared some of my favorite resources at Studying the Bible, and @SeanO shared great links at Studying my Bible. Studying the Bible is a very personal activity, though, so the books that help me the most might not be beneficial for everyone.

What is your general preference in Bible studies? The following methods come to mind:

Have you tried these methods? What works best for you? Are there other methods I should add to my list and try out this coming year? May this new decade be the Roaring Twenties in our relationship with God!


Hi Timothy,

I like think about the Scriptures I’m reading and seriously consider what the original hearers thought about these new and very different ideas. Just imagine what it was like for Jews to hear about the mysteries being shared with them or about how the gentiles, who had no hope, now were to be considered part of the new creation! I think one of the best ways to do Bible study is to meet with people from different churches and backgrounds and actually discuss what you are reading.

It is exciting to me to remember that God’s Word is living and active and will never be read in vain.


@Timothy_Driver1 Are you leading a Bible study or are you wanting to dig into the Scriptures yourself? If you are leading a study, it really all depends on the needs of your audience and how the Lord guides as you pray for them. For example, when teaching new Christians you may want to be a bit more topical and focus on living the Christian life and take time to answers any questions they may have / offer them guidance and encouragement. If you are dealing with people who know Jesus but are not super familiar with the Bible, digging into a Bible book is a great idea. If you have people who know the Word really well but just need fellowship, maybe you just read the Bible, memorize Scripture and pray together with a little less structure. Audience determines a lot if you are leading.

If you are studying yourself, you also can approach it in different ways. For example, one year I summarized every chapter of the Bible in one sentence as I read through it in order to try to get the big picture in my head. If I had been aware of the Bible project, I would have watched those videos as I started each book. Then, as I read through the Bible, I dug more deeply into texts that confused me or that challenged me. Alternatively, you could go through a devotional book or something of that nature.

Regarding Logos, I normally used it as a dig deeper tool rather than a devotional tool, but I know it has devotionals included in some of the collections. In fact, I bet you can filter when you search through your library to just look at devotionals or something of that nature if that is what you want… Or you could look for a study on a particular book of the Bible.

May the Spirit guide you as you dig into the Word brother :slight_smile:

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Hi Timothy,
This is a great new year topic for discussion! I spent 18 years in BSF and as leaders we were expected to do homiletics each week on the passage at hand. It’s a very in depth way to just open your Bible and work through a passage. People often associate it with preparing a sermon, but I never used it for that.

It’s really a way to go deep. I found this blog instruction page that explains the process. All you need is a Bible and your favorite note taking device or paper and pen (whatever you use.) Once you’ve delved into the passage you may find that you want to research with outside sources such as commentaries, maps, dictionaries/word studies, historical references, etc., but it’s not required.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!


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