Bible study online

(Sameh Bolos) #1

Hi I would like to ask if you recommend any bible study online. I know that there will be one by RZIM in April 2019. Any other recommendations thank you

(Jimmy Sellers) #2

I do a fair amount of on line courses. Are interested in classes that cover book chapter and verse or are you looking for thematic study,?

(Sameh Bolos) #3

I am interested to study whole chapter e.g The chapter of John to start?

(Andrew Bulin) #4

@SeanO posted some really good resources relinked many times:

I personally love the book of John. If you are into commentaries, the very best in my opinion has to be by Keener:

The Gospel of John, Volume One & Volume Two

It’s very up to date and pulls in every reputable cross reference you can imagine. It’s a little pricey, but it’s multiple volumes. Very deep!