Biblical hermeneutics

What is a good starting point or introduction to biblical hermeneutics?

I already read my bible every day (and have been doing so for a few years now) and do the best can in applying observation, interpretation, and application with my own intellect and/or understanding, as well as using bible commentaries, but is there another resource out there that would help me develop a better understanding of scripture via proper biblical hermeneutics?



Hi Mark!

It is nice to hear that you want to know more about hermeneutics. It is so vital. I want to be understood correctly myself, so why wouldn’t we try to understand God and his words correctly? :slight_smile:

I can recommend book titled “How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth”, written by Douglas K. Stuart and Gordon D. Fee. It gives so much tools for the exegesis and hermeneutics. I hope you’ll find that book helpful!



@Parkeri1313 I agree wholeheartedly with @aisyrjala’s suggestion - Fee’s book is classic. You may also find the following threads helpful.

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Hello Mark,
In addition to the books that have already been listed I would recommend “Knowing Scripture” by R.C. Sproul. The book is an easy read but contains very good instruction for interpreting Scripture. I recommend this book often to people wanting to dig deeper and needing to tools to know how to do it. R.C. Sproul was an amazing Bible teacher and did a great job of writing this book so any denomination could use the principles in it. The book Antti suggested is good too. I would suggest getting both.


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What a wonderful book the bible is as you start to really see the depth of each genre and proper interpretation of God’s word. I am constantly at awe over the beauty that continually is growing out of the book before my very eyes.
One other piece i would add, that took me much longer to see or notice, is the continual pointing to Jesus each smaller story or description of history is doing. Called the meta-narrative. (A STORY ABOUT A STORY) when reading the psalms in this light, it blows me away how often they really are speaking 100% about jesus and not my personal circumstance, also the story of ruth. SO MUCH DEPTH when it comes to seeing her and Boaz’s interaction. (they actually have communion together) and this was new to me the bread that was constantly out on the table in the temple, called the bread of presence->this then shows up as we are instructed now to take part in the breaking of the bread and enjoy Jesus’ real presence with us.
any ways, i love scripture now compared to the chore it was as i was in my youth.
maybe this is old news, but its only been about 4 years of me finally getting this. haha