Bill English Introduction

I find myself here because I wanted to Thank Ravi for his life and ministry. I reside in Minneapolis, blog at and will soon be starting my 7th year on Faith Radio (KTIS -

My faith was shaped in Ravi’s early years. I’ve read most of his works and he has been a mentor to me, even though I’ve never met him. I’m saddened to see him go, yet am very happy for him.

My call is to live at the intersection of faith and business ownership. If I can be of help to anyone attempting to integrate these two domains, please reach out to me.


@billenglish61 Hi Bill, welcome to Connect. Thank you for getting in touch to thank Ravi. Your ministry is incredibly important to the business world, thanks for sharing a bit about it. I look forward to seeing some of your contributions in discussion here. Blessings.

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