Bill Stanley

(William Stanley) #1

Say hello… Hi.this is my first attempt at becoming part of Connect.

Where are you from? I live in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

What led you to join Connect? I have followed RZIM for a number of years on TV and radio. Somehow, I recently learned of Connect and felt it may be a good and safe sight to explore some questions that arise in my church ministry.

How do you hope to contribute? By exploring with others, answers that often occur when talking with
people about God the Father,His Son Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.

(SeanO) #2

@Bill Welcome to Connect! So glad you could join us. I remember curling and Tim Horton’s in Vancouver - it was very fun. May the Lord Jesus bless your time here on Connect.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Hiya Bill! Welcome to the Connect community! Looking forward to exploring with you, my brother!

(Ashish Money) #4

HI Bill welcome to connect

(Rob Lundberg) #5

Welcome Bill I hope you enjoy the fellowship and the encouragement here on RZIM Connect.

(Keldon Scott) #6

Welcome aboard @Bill. Love having our Canadian Brothers join in. I hope that you enjoy your time here. I hope you find answers and provide some input for those of us who might not be experiencing the same church questions that you have encountered. Please feel free to share some of those. God bless you and your time here.