Billie Reed

Hi, Im Billie Reed and I am an Interior Decorator and a Real Estate Agent.

I am from Adelaide, South Australia.

I am most interested in being a part of this Forum and to hear more from the kind of speakers that we had from the Oxford Summer School which I found to be an amazing experience.

At this point, Im not sure how I might contribute because I am still learning and understanding about this whole area of Christian Apologetics.


Hi Billie! @Billie1
So glad you’ve joined us :relaxed:

Can you come and decorate my house?? Sounds like a great pairing of careers- selling houses with the ability to stage them to feel like home.

This community is a great opportunity to build on great experiences such as the Summer School you attended (that must have been so neat!)

So many great topics and conversations here to glean from, as well as, speak into, as you feel led.

In the above “3 line button” you’ll see categories- Live Streams is one of them- there are postings of great talks by RZIM speakers you may be interested in.

There are also RZIM podcasts you could look into-
Ask Away
Just Thinking
Let My People Think

-just to name a few…

I often listen in while I’m doing the dishes or some other task around the house :wink:

Enjoy looking around the site- be blessed as you grow, Billie!


Hello, Billie. Welcome :slightly_smiling_face: I’m glad that you’re still dealing with Christian apologetics here at Connect after the summer school. I just read your husband’s introduction. It’s great that you’re doing this together as a couple :+1:


Hello, Billie, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: I’m we were able to get you connected so you could join. Looking forward to gleaning from what you have learned at the Summer Schopl through your posts here.

Don’t worry- we are all learning and studying together here. Your candid questions and answers will be valuable to others. We can all contribute in even the smallest ways, and I hope you find encouragement here.