Billy Graham Dies

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

I was sad to see the news this morning that Billy Graham has died:

What are your memories of Billy Graham? I remember serving at the 1994 Atlanta Crusade. It was so exhausting that I fell asleep during one of the musical concerts!

From Christianity Today’s coverage of that Crusade:

Graham challenged Atlantans to continue worshiping and praying together - regardless of skin color - in order to transform the city.

“We’ve seen racial barriers broken down this week and expressions of love that have caused tears to roll down our cheeks,” Graham said in his closing sermon. “We call it the ‘spirit of Atlanta,’ when black and white will live together in peace.”

I imagine that many of us were impacted by Billy Graham’s ministry… look forward to hearing of any other stories about him!

Here’s a great quote from him:

Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.

Christianity Today has a special edition dedicated to remembering him:

(SeanO) #2

What a legacy! I have family members who came to know Christ through his ministries. One of his sermons on the last judgment still hangs over me - the weight of his faith in the majesty of God and the nearness of ‘that day’ were almost overwhelming.

(Jimmy Sellers) #3

I am not sure I can remember a time in my life that Bill Graham was not some how a part of my world either in the Decision magazines that were always on the coffee table of my parents or the times that my parents set aside to watch every revival ever televised or in the fact that almost everyone had an opinion about him some good some not so good. Believe it or not there where those that felt that Bill Graham was a little to liberal for their liking. It’s almost funny to think that in today’s religious climate. My wife saw him in Greenville at a revival in the Old Textile Hall in 1966 and together we attended his last out door revival in Charlotte. As much as I love aplogetics and the whole idea of meeting a man where he is I can’t help but hear his simple compelling sermons in the echoes of my mind. Sermons that preached Jesus, forgiveness and salvation through belief in his death, burial and resurrection available to all who believed and received.
May God continue to raise men and woman to go forth and do likewise.

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

This is a remarkable tribute to Billy on a popular morning cable show in the US:

(LaTricia January) #5

It wasn’t until after coming to Christ (2013) that I was able to ‘see’ and appreciate Billy Graham and his longevity in ministry. Growing up and in my early adulthood, he was an inconvenience hogging the programming from time to time. I didn’t understand the message or his compassion then.

After coming to Christ and learning some more about his level of discipline in ministry, living, and sharing the gospel, I developed an appreciation for his work for the Kingdom.

(Robert Fields) #6

Within hours, if not a couple of days, after Billy Graham’s death YouTubers came out with a video of him speaking to a Catholic about who will be going to heaven. I watched the video and heard with my own ears Billy say that there will be many who will make it to heaven within the religion they are currently in so long as they recognize their need for a changed heart and sincerely chase after what is good. That they could be saved by Jesus even though they are not consciously believing in Him.

First, can anyone respond to what Billy said?
Second, why do Christians feel the need to tear down a lifetime of service to God simply because they disagree with what he said?

I can disagree with the content of what he said without labeling him as a heretic.

Has anyone else seen this video that I’m talking about and have seen the harshness leveled against him for it?

It really breaks my heart.

Gob Bless!

(Helen Tan) #7

Hi Robert, I don’t know the context in which Billy Graham said this but if I were to venture a response when confronted with that, I would say, “You don’t live to almost 100 years without making a mistake or saying something controversial which people choose to fixate on without considering all the other things that have been said and what their life has exemplified.”

One thing that tells me is that he was human and was like any of us in that respect - we are learning along the way and may make mistakes. What is more important is that we repent and God is there to take and hold our hand, and encourage us to continue our walk with Him. For this one video, one can offer many videos of Billy Graham talking about salvation only through Christ.

I think that sometimes the harshest critics of men of God are Christians. Sometimes it comes from a desire to ensure that the right doctrines are being taught (which is a good thing). At other times, it’s just that side of human nature which tries to tear down someone who’s respected for whatever reason. Jesus did promise that there will be persecution and although we don’t expect it from the Christian family, unfortunately it still happens. I do rejoice that there are more who celebrate the life of Billy Graham than those who don’t.

(Jimmy Sellers) #8

Don’t despair. Billy Graham has always been in the crosshairs of the religious fundamentalist. I have attached an article from our local paper. Billy Graham had his beings at what is now Bob Jones University so you might enjoy the read.

As to the 1997 Schuller interview if this was the only record of anything Billy Graham ever said or wrote I believe that there might be good cause to be concerned but this is not all we know about his ministry.
On another note I am surprised that no one that I am aware of, has brought up the fact that his fellow evangelist and good friend Charles Templeton was not mention or discussed. I will attach a link to an interview that Lee Strobel did with Charles in his later years. It is very sad.

And one more from the point of view of how two friends took different roads one to change the world the other chose the world.

(Helen Tan) #9

@Jimmy_Sellers, I enjoyed reading the article on Billy Graham and Bob Jones University. It showed how gracious and forgiving he was even in the light of the accusations made against him.