Binny Varghese

Hi, my name is Binny Varghese. I was born and brought up in India.

Currently residing in Kansas USA. I have listened to several videos of the late Dr. Ravi Zac, and others in the field. I often share those videos, especially the 5 minutes one on my Facebook page.

I am interested in apologetics. I often engage with people regarding the discussion on the Bible, knowing God, the forgiveness of Sin, and other concepts. Recently with the change in environment, I felt I am not engaging much. There is a shift in the air, where personal evangelism is on hold. People are reluctant to talk about God, or even ask regarding the “Hope that I have”. Thus, I want to grow more in context and content where I can engage with people again, as we encounter in life in areas such as our Job, outside, Education. I work as a nurse and studying for doctoral education in nursing practice. I often engage with patients who are suffering but don’t want God or seek God to heal them. Stress, anxiety, mental health issues are on rising. The medicine has its own limit. I see, doctors and nurses, and other people who don’t know Christ, but don’t are so busy with the secular world that there seems to be not interesting to even discuss God or know about Jesus who brings Hope and Healing. Even the hospitals are becoming a place where less engagement happens on spiritual issues, due to “Diversity and Inclusion” that is taking our focus away from God to something else. Hence, thinking ways, how to educate patients in the Biblical way/yet not breaking any laws of the secular world?

My biggest hindrance recently has been, a desire to share the Gospel with the people I see, but not able to do it, I am not sure if because of fear or are we ashamed of the Gospel? As Christians, we are open in our Church, prayer groups, and are able to easily engage without any fear or shame, but when we are in the world, we are silent. Should I go to my workplace, and start asking everyone, if they heard about the Gospel? In doing this we directly, break the law of the secular Job places, the next thing will be losing our Job. If we do the same for all the places, we won’t be able to live in this world. I am trying to find the balance, where I don’t feel the guilt of not being able to share the Gospel at my workplaces or other area and be led by the Holy Spirit. I am sure, many of us have this bursting question in our mind, how to effectively engage in our community outside our Church and bringing people to Jesus in this new era of fear and seclusion?.

I hope to routinely engage in small conversations, answer questions, connect with other believers through this connection site. I hope to learn more and grow in apologetics. I want to engage in apologetics ministry myself one day.



Hi Binny,

I have two friends that I would like to see come to Christ, and neither of them are interested because both of them have found a “path” that they are comfortable with. I prayed that God would give me an opening to share the Gospel with them, and He did! So maybe you might want to pray for an opening and then look for God to answer.


Hi Rhonda,
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I have been doing the same thing. I try to bring up conversation about God, show them the love and encouragement. I recently saw how many people around us, even some of our relatives, they were very anxious due to COVID-19, by God’s grace I was able to encourage and strengthen few of them, even prayed for one of my neighbours so that his fear with COVID-19 be little down, as he was worried about his kids future. But, I concur, than many even though we do all this, they don’t take a moment and think, why this person prayed for me? Did the praye effectively workout? or Shouldn’t I go and ask more about this God, and so on…

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Hi Binny Your post touched my heart as you have shared a Gospel truth about the great commission in our world today. it is true that sharing the truth verbally is challenging in the work place because of various reasons which are valid to the employer. I am certain you have heard the expression about judging a book by its cover.

Some times we can share the truth with out words because actions speak louder than words. Once I learned to preach the Gospel always, people find it at times necessary to ask you questions when they get the opportunity. In our “post modern world” many want to know how you can " turn the other cheek" and be nice anyway. May you be blessed in your efforts with your heart for the lost.