Blaming God for Covid

Does it bother anyone else that there seems to be so little blaming of God for the COVID problem in the media coverage of current events? Is this, strangely, an indication that our culture is now so disbelieving in God that it no longer bothers to even cast blame his way, even if undeservedly so?


Hi Jim :slightly_smiling_face:

Generally in the news media that I watch or read, there is basically no reference to God be it for good or bad happenings in the world. I don’t follow other social media so am not sure what comments people are making through opinion orientated sites. I still will hear the statement though that “we must keep people in prayer,” but besides for that the news coverage tends to remain unbiased on any theological stance. There was certainly more commentary after 9/11 to do with religious fanaticism, but in that case it was easier for some to make the inference that religious beliefs can cause, and may be responsible, for much of the evil in the world, whereas, the COVID problem is more in the realm of natural evil.

But your point is still an interesting one as New Zealand, like much of the West, has become very secular, and so, if you don’t believe in God then why on earth would you blame Him? I hope that through this world wide pandemic that more people will turn and seek for God and be able to re-prioritize what is important in life . It is also a great opportunity with so many people scared and concerned with financial security, that we Christians live out sacrificial love in our giving and helping others where possible, knowing that Christ promises to provide for our needs as long as we seek Him first.

I am sure though Jim that the people who have really been affected through this virus, who have lost jobs or have lost loved ones, may be asking the deeper question of, if God exists why would He allow this to happen to me?


Hey, Jim! Thanks for reaching out here about this. I, like Brian, am also not surprised of the lack of engagement with God from various sectors right now…even if it’s to rage against him. I think, like you said, it in some way reflects where – particularly the West – has gone culturally. If people – including some of those who would claim to be Christians – generally function like atheists (or even deists), then it would follow, in my mind, that God would be excluded even from the dark bits of life.

It does make me sad that there are those who do not know the presence of God during this time, and I’m praying that I will have creative opportunities to represent ‘Emmanuel’ to my neighbours here.

How have you been been doing yourself? What’s life like for you where you are? :slight_smile:

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Hello Jim :slight_smile:
First of all welcome on RZIM connect, I see this is your first posted question :heart_eyes:

I think that this is an interesting point of view on the subject. but sadly our communities are already disbelieving in God before this virus. I want to share something else with you :slight_smile:
I personally don’t think that blaming God would be the right way to return to him in such times, it may be a deceitful trick from the devil to throw all the blame and anger on God.
what Im seeing right now is far better than this, God is speaking to each one of us, many families started reading together and share prayer. people are turning more to him and reopening their bibles. people from all over the world are praying for each other and trying to find solutions together. I think that he is strongly present and is calling his children back to him not through anger or blame feelings, on the contrary, with so much love and acceptance and peace :hearts:


Thanks for the replies! BTW - I hope you all understand that I don’t think God is to be blamed for the present crisis, it’s just that I see the indifference of people towards God perhaps being made manifest in their not doing so…
I am in Mobile, Alabama and things here are relatively mild thus far… 48 cases in our county, and no fatalities. Everyone here is being pretty good about keeping close to home save for necessary trips. The university at which I teach has gone online for the remainder of the term, as have all public schools in the state. Mostly people here are watching and waiting. Many churches, like mine, made a surprisingly quick and effective move to online “services.” My sect (I hate the word denomination) - the Church of Christ - observes communion every Sunday. The church has bought a bunch of little pre-packaged, individual-serve wafers and wine cups that we can pick up a supply of at the church office during the week. I never knew such things existed!
Good health and Christ’s love to all!


Hello Jim,

Great question! I would like to answer it with bullet points from the flip side with some things I have read and heard about that have been super encouraging to me during these fearful times. :slightly_smiling_face:

*My friend K, a nurse in the emergency room, told me a few days ago that she is able to share her faith and the gospel because people are open.

*Opportunities in a neighborhood to share Old Testament scriptures (Psalm 91, Psalm 4 and 2 Chronicles 7) with their Jewish friends and neighbors. In one case, a particular verse was shared and the recipient said, “How strange. That very word has been coming to me in my Tai Chi meditations.” And then she was told it was to her from the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The God of Peace.

*A very well known national newspaper reporting that for the first time doctors and nurses working at a hospital in Brooklyn, NY have been praying together in wards and rooms with their arms outstretched as if holding hands (but not touching) and asking God for His protection for their patients, themselves and wisdom for that day to make the right decisions. They were gifted with a surprising and unexpected donation of very much needed medical supplies.

*A ‘recently converted to Christianity’ entertainer donating money for tens of thousands of meals to help feed the hungry in his city.

*Several TV medical shows donating their props (mask, gloves, etc.,) to hospitals and places in need.

*A leader of a country praying and talking openly about how God is our Refuge. Hearing this, the leader of another country decided to declare a day of fasting for his whole country to seek God for His help. This prompted yet another leader to ask his country if they, too, would pray and ask God for His help. (Jonah/Nineveh anyone?)

*Live stream prayer meetings and services going on all over the nation and the globe.

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the Name of the LORD is to be praised. (Psalm 113.3)

Matthew 5.16 (paraphrased) That all mankind would have eyes to see and a heart that takes note of the good works that Christ alone is doing in and through His bride and may they glorify our Father in heaven.

What about you? What have you witnessed, read or heard that has encouraged you today?

Grace and peace,
mary beth