Bobby abraham


Mumbai , India

When i was seen a program on you tube !!! Why is Christianity right?

I want to leave my company and join


Hello Bobby!

Can you explain more about what brought you here and about leaving your company and joining?

Thank you,


Hi @BOBBY, welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: It’s great that you were so blessed by the YouTube podcast. What impacted you most? I was going to ask the same question as @countryinked, if you don’t mind elaborating a bit :pray:t3: I trust you will find connect a very helpful place to learn and grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ our beautiful Savior who cares for every soul :latin_cross:
Take care :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Bobby, welcome to our family it is great to have you adopt us and share together His goodness and truth. I am way around the horn in West Virginia USA. Please share as you are able your journey to and with Christ. Be safe my brother.


I am very happy to be a Christian as the whole world are facing pandemic disease which will tie up all the humans to come closer to Our Jesus Christ.

In this situation I need to come closer to the ministries who all are facing difficulty for preaching the Gospel of our living God…

God bless all of us



Welcome aboard @BOBBY. Glad to have you coming alongside us from India. Happy Easter. I hope that the resurrection and this forum blesses your life. God-bless you and your journey.

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Happy Easter to all of you as well… This Easter cleanse all the dirty satanic disease from all over world…


@BOBBY Welcome! I look forward to hearing more of your story!

Bobby Abraham (great name) welcome aboard.
Abraham’s blessings are yours in Jesus name.
This is a incredibly informative forum.
All the best!!

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Proud to be a christian … Glad o hear Take care and stay safe , God bless us all…


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