Book of John Bible Study Book 1 Week 3

The Word One to One pages 37-52

John 1:35-51

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January 26- February 1, 2020

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Our awesome student minister at my church always launches an ice breaker question that is themed to the lesson each week. I was thinking this would be a fun way for us to get to know each other.

So when you post this week, please tell us:

Who is the first person you rush to tell any good news?

My answer: For me (April) it’s been made much easier in the last couple of years since our family now has our own Slack App channel. When I get good news or a funny story I post on there, and no matter where everyone is we have fun with it.

Feel free to offer your insights, comments or questions on this week’s reading in this thread.

Or respond to the following:

What do you find winsome or accessible about Jesus in this week’s reading?

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I find it wonderful that Jesus met Nathanael where he was and immediately engaged and didn’t even call him on the mean slur on Nazareth. He gave him enough info to figure that out for himself without skirting the fact but without making Nathanael feel publicly shamed.


I thought about that moment with Nathanael too! Jesus let Nahanael know that He knew all about him (which would include the slur on His hometown) but gave him grace and a moment or two to absorb who Jesus is.

It’s one of the moments when you realize that if you’ve been rejected because you come from the wrong neighborhood or the wrong family, etc. that Jesus has had this experience too. He has compassion on our troubles in more ways than we often consider.

I also loved how He tells Andrew and John (vs 39) “Come and you will see”. Jesus must have been on His way somewhere, but He includes them and extends hospitality. I have several neighbors that like to just drop by which is actually pretty sweet. And while I love that they want to do it, sometimes, I’m thinking (but I never say it) “I’m kinda busy…” I need to always have Jesus’ attitude of people over projects. Just stand there and say, “Come in. I’ll make some coffee…”

The Lord is on His throne whether or not the projects are finished and my hair looks like Phyllis Diller!


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