Book of John Bible Study Book 2 Week 4

The Word One to One Book 2 pages 1-13

John 2:1-12

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February 2-8, 2020

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We start book 2 of The Word One to One study this week and week 4 of our study!! Well done!

So when you post this week, please tell us:
Can you share a time when you were unexpectedly brought into a situation that God used to reveal His glory?

My answer: I was thinking of many situations that I’ve had unique glimpses of God in situations that come up unexpectedly. One that’s easy to share is from years ago when I was picking up my kiddos from school. As we drove out of the neighborhood, we noticed one of my daughter’s classmates walking with his dad. I had never met the dad, but knew the son from field trips, etc. We stopped and gave them a ride home. Over the course of months we developed a relationship with the whole family and ministered to them as we learned dad was terminally ill, and had been walking his son home because he could no longer drive. The dad was a faithful follower of the Lord, and his last days here on earth were filled with testimony and beautiful glimpses of glory. (He used to talk about the angels ministering to him.) God is so good, and I look forward to seeing Alan again in the Lord’s Presence!

Feel free to offer your insights, comments or questions on this week’s reading in this thread.

Or respond to the following:

What are some things Jesus revealed about Himself with His first miracle?


That is a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. I am still pondering the question.

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April, what an amazing story! Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Here is what came out of this lessons reading for me . . .

John 2:10-11 He didn’t share His glory to “show off”. He shared His glory so that THEY would believe!!! Have I ever thought of how profound that statement is and how it magnifies God’s incredible love for His creation. Believing Him does bring Him worship (worship He deserves), but we benefit with blessings that are unattainable on our own and completely undeserved. He gains what is rightfully His and we gain what we could never earn.

I loved her closing comments "We arrive at the biggest festival of the entire year - ‘Passover’ (when the Jews celebrate being saved) and Jesus (the Savior) acts as if He OWNS THE JOINT!’ lol So often portrayed as a weak person. A person people use for their own desires/needs. Yet here is person of great confidence, love, peace, mission, power . . .

My application from this is that I walk in gratitude and worship of my Lord and Savior. And to serve others with that same love knowing (like Christ did) who I am; seeking His approval and not the approval of men. To so love that the needs and salvation of others overshadows any thoughts to self. What an amazing God!


Thank you, Kelly! You make several great points. I love:

He gains what is rightfully His and we gain what we could never earn.

My application from this is that I walk in gratitude and worship of my Lord and Savior. And to serve others with that same love knowing (like Christ did) who I am; seeking His approval and not the approval of men. To so love that the needs and salvation of others overshadows any thoughts to self. What an amazing God!

Truly a relationship with Jesus is like nothing else! And I agree believing does bring worship.

I was impacted by a couple of things. First, His humility. Years ago I read a definition of humility, and I can’t remember where I found it, but I still had it in some notes I wrote:
Ultimate humility is setting aside or withholding one’s own power for the benefit of another.

His first sign or miracle was issued in front of his disciples, his mother and the servants rather than kings and people of wealth and influence. He is for everyone! And in the performing of it he saved the wedding party from social disgrace and financial difficulty. Of course we know from 2:11 that the disciples believed because of it. I was thinking if I’d been a servant, witnessing that would have stayed with me all my life, and I would have remembered it as I saw Him grow into a public figure.

I also see a King Who is in the details of life, and we can trust Him completely with anything big or small.

There is a lot of discussion about Mary’s motives in this passage, but I have to take her example. She took the problem to Jesus. She didn’t tell Him how to solve it, she just presented it. That should be my prayer life right there. Don’t present my great ideas for fixing problems, just hand them over!
Then take her next advice, “Do whatever He tells you.”

She takes a problem to Him, and He asks “Why do you involve me?” From a mom perspective I’m completely in her camp. Many of us love our children and have alot of confidence in their abilities to accomplish, but her son actually could do anything! LOL!
“Because Son, I have on good authority that you’re the Savior of the World! Would you, please fix this wine shortage??”

Anyway…I’ve gone on…I look forward to hearing more comments and insight!


I don’t think I’ve ever heard an explanation of what is going on in this story, especially between Jesus and his mother that satisfies me. To me it is a very peculiar exchange. But here are some things I’ve noticed for the first time:

  • This isn’t her party (at least there’s nothing to suggest that she is the groom’s mother or even related), but it is Mary who draws attention to the shortage of wine … not the MC, not the bridegroom. The servants have noticed, and presumably are edgy. Mary is somehow in tune with this, and draws Jesus’ attention to it. Perhaps her emotional intelligence in situations like this made a strong impression on his personal development as a boy and young man. She was a mother who was attentive to small, but critical, behind the scenes, issues. And he became that too.

  • Jesus solves the problem for the servants, I think. Perhaps he realises that they would normally get the blame. At the same time, Jesus spares the bridegroom enormous embarassment, for being unable to prepare for the needs of his wedding guests. Jesus also gets the MC off an awkward hook, because he is the one who would have had to handle the problem vis á vis the guests. Running out of wine at a wedding feast would utterly demolition the atmosphere of happiness and festivity.

  • only the servants, Mary, and Jesus disciples seem to know what really went on. This becomes a pattern in many of Jesus miracles “don’t broadcast to everyone who healed you.” “don’t go around shouting loudly about this - just go directly to the priests and have them confirm that your leprosy is healed.” Jesus did not want to display his powers for his own credit or glory.

  • Having decided to do something about the problem, Jesus goes far beyond providing “average” wine - but makes wine that even a “well-lubricated” person notices is simply the best. Jesus does all things well, or even better!

  • The MC gives credit to the Bridegroom for his originality in serving the best wine last. And Jesus doesn’t set him straight. Jesus does not insist, or even want, credit - he’s quite happy to see the Bridegroom given extra kudos on his wedding day.

  • Jesus said later - I only do what I see the Father do; I only do what He does. So how was this miracle a reflection of the Father’s behaviour? … We see in the Old and New Testaments, and in our own lives’ experience, that God is quite willing, indeed He is enthusiastic about letting others participate in His work, and take a good part of the credit … most often when they are not looking for it, or deliberately seeking it. He loves working behind the scenes. Perhaps if we want to see His on-going work in the world, we should be looking behind the scenes, in the least likely areas, and movements around us.

Perhaps this is the clue to the exchange between Mary and her son Jesus. Perhaps his words to her were to the effect that she should not try to bring the credit - the glory - to him, once he had done it, because his time for glorification had not yet come. “So if I do something about this, Mom, don’t let anyone know that I did it, nor that you asked me to do it. I don’t need or want the attention.”

Perhaps, we don’t know because it doesn’t say so, it was as much this quiet, behind the scenes at the servant level of Jesus’ approach, that impressed the disciples most, as the fact that he could change water to wine.

And maybe that is the deeper point that John wants to get across too. Here is the Messiah as servant, right from the start. That’s what makes him believable and worthy of our discipleship.


After reading this I received a phone call from a a younger friend asking if I would help mentor her in her marriage. As we talked I shared with her the about what I had just read. To make a long story short I told her I thought it was interesting that his first miracle took place at a wedding. Especially since we are the bride of Christ and how marriage is a reflection of our relationship to God. I also shared with her that I read a commentary saying that sometimes marriages are the same way in that they run dry of the spiritual wine and that we need to seek Jesus. I added that we do good to heed Mary’s instructions to the servants “to do whatever He says”. Because of their obedience, the glory of the Lord was seen, the bridegroom and the family was spared the shame of running out of wine, and the disciples believed in Him. She said she knew what she needed to do now and would follow through. Talk about the Lord’s timing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for sharing this beautiful application of your time in the scripture! Application is where the tire meets the road! This makes me think of James 1:22-24 says:

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.

He does deliver us a timely word when we fellowship with Him doesn’t He? And what a great compliment to be asked to mentor a friend (and a wise young friend you must have who sees a need for accountability!)
I’ll be praying the Lord’s wisdom and discernment for you both, and may you be refreshed in His Presence.

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Thanks so much! Truly appreciate your prayers.

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