Book of John Bible Study Book 3 Week 10

The Word One to One Book 3 pages 27-45

John 4:27-54

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March 15-21, 2020

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This week is packed!

Do you see any parallels between the Samaritans and the official?
How do these passages encourage your witness among those who don’t know Jesus?


There is so much here!

In answer to your question April, both the Samaritans and the official believed Jesus’ Word. In fact, the study leader brings out the fact that Jesus says virtually the same thing about man needing signs and miracles before they believed Him here as He did in John 2:23-25. When Jesus told the royal official to just go home and his son would be well, he did as Jesus told him because he believed Jesus. If it had been me, I would have said, “No, please just come to the house with me Jesus. It won’t take long.” I am blessed that the official, just like the Samaritans took Jesus at His Word.

The author of the study is impressed that the Samaritans believed Jesus’ Word and not miracles. It seems as if Jesus only taught them and didn’t perform any miracles or I think we would have heard about them.

A verse that seems to slip by as the comments are made on believing because of His Word and not seeing His miracles is verse 45. It says that the Galileans welcomed Jesus because they had seen all that He had done in Jerusalem at the Passover festival. It is referring to John 2:23 “Now when he was in Jerusalem at the Passover feast, many believed in his name when they saw the signs which he did;” The study leader references it when he deals with verse 48 but verse 45 is referring to verse 23. My intention is not to say that the leader missed it nor made a mistake but verse 45 is gushy about Jesus because they were there in John 2:23. I can’t get my point across. Oh well…

Your second question is excellent April. It is encouraging that it is not what we do but rather, the Truth of His Word that is the key. Having said that, I can be encouraged that I don’t have to be prophetic etc to wow unbelievers yet what we have done as Christians has often done a lot of damage. So I am not saying that our witness is not at all important. But sometimes as Christians to humble ourselves and repent or to say that we were wrong can be a real witness. Speaking the Truth is what matters.

Have you ever had times where you were clear in your thinking but it came out foggy? Well, that’s me tonight!


Thank you for your thoughtful response, Tim. I think you communicated clearly!
I struggle with foggy communication on here all the time. It’s why I enter this space with fear and trembling.

Agreed! They did all took Jesus at His word!

I think what I see in these verses that touches me is: Again Jesus is calling people in their mustard seed moment and moving them to a mighty oak faith (much like He does with His disciples.) The Samaritans and the officials both came based on what they had heard from others and His response and words moves them into a higher level of faith which is how He works with us still. It’s like He says, “Move with me, trust me, and you’ll see even greater things, but you have to make the choice to move.”

I was thinking how the official, who is unnamed, and probably of a Roman court, is like the Samaritan woman, unnamed and of circles outside of the Jewish culture. Both would be considered to be in a crisis mode. Certainly the official was in crisis with his dying son. But the woman at the well was in a personal, lifestyle crisis, and the Samaritan people were in a spiritual crisis that had led to false worship. I am certain they all experienced a great lack of fulfillment and longed in their souls for the True God.

The official goes quite a distance to find Jesus and appeal to Him. And he begs Jesus to come home with him to heal his son because he can’t help but put human limitations on Jesus (must be present to win! :joy:)
But the official must have detected the absolute beauty, compassion and ultimately the divine nature in Jesus to turn and head home after He replied, “Go, your son will live” .

The Samaritan women wanted that water Jesus offered so she didn’t have to keep coming to the well. As is natural, she took his context from the human mind perspective. But He moved her in the direction of that higher faith, and she experienced joy and healing in her own life.

This push to move in a forward direction through His word continues in our life of faith no matter how far along we’ve come. He continues to honor a little faith and take us further. I have to be wary of things that cause me to stagnate or lose my trust to take the next step. Life is a battle, but we have full access to the armor of the Lord, and we must wield it daily if not moment by moment.

As far as witnessing goes, I agree, Tim, there are a multitude of ways to witness. At the foundation there is still the trust in the Lord, just like in growing our faith, that must take place, and then the moving with Him in the unique opportunities He provides.

To think that Jesus was satisfied after His encounter with the woman at the well because His delight was doing the will and work of His father. And He took joy in the results of His obedience as she was transformed. We have the same opportunity!

Through the Holy Spirit I had a very interesting conversation last November with an atheist.
He was working the atheist community booth next door to mine at a market day. As he moved to point out all the things wrong with people (in and out of the Bible) it was easy for me to own it. His talking points were quite aggressive, but I told him we agreed on these things: that humanity is broken. Should we rely on the broken to perfect the flawed? But I know a gracious and loving God Who comes among us (and has done so in some way all throughout history) in order to make Himself known, and involve Himself in the details.

I still pray for the atheist, and I trust the Lord is moving in his life even though it’s most likely I’ll never see him again. I didn’t see a soul come to the Lord that afternoon, but I was praying my way through the conversation and trusting the Lord as He moved.


As you mention being a witness for Jesus, I just listened to someone that I later came to know very well. I heard her at the 87’ Urbana Missions Conferene. I think anyone coming to this site will really appreciate this half hour talk.


Thanks you! I’ll check it out!


April and Tim,
I am running behind again in the study but I wanted to say how much I appreciate your comments. April, I love that "move with me, trust me . . . " and “you must be present to win” cracked me up. But everything both of you said really moved me, and I needed that today. Thank you both.


Tina, you’ll catch up. It’s just so nice to hear your sweet comments.

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Love you, friend. I’ll write tomorrow… :heart:

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