Book of John Bible Study Book 3 Week 9

The Word One to One Book 3 pages 14-25

John 4:19-26

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March 8-14, 2020

Information on this study is here

It seems like I was just here posting week 8!! But it’s nice that we dwell on this encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman for 3 weeks! (More next week!)

Feel free to comment or post on past weeks if you are so lead. Everyone can pop in and participate as they are able. It’s all good!

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This week:
Some form of the word “worship” is used 10 times in these 8 verses! I think Jesus is trying to tell us something about worship….

What is worship?


I’m going to just answer this as straightforwardly as I can (which may be awkward but I hope not) and say that, to me, worship is opening your heart fully to God and letting His spirit flow into you as your soul stands naked before Him. That’s when your overly-self-conscious editing of yourself will finally cease because you will feel His presence and all that flows from that will be true communion. You may pray, offering up praise and thanks, or beseech God for mercy and assistance; whatever direction your worship takes, I think it begins with that opening outward, like a sunflower to the light that is God.


Maybe you wish to remain anonymous but I find I want to address you by your name…

But tdw, I don’t see why you felt awkward in expressing worship the way you did. I thought you were right on. When the notes said it means “to kiss towards” in the Greek so you kiss the ground the king walks on, we do as well as are totally surrendered and love Jesus. When you love someone, you grab them and kiss them and don’t care what anyone thinks. That’s what you are say that our overly-self-conscious editing of ourselves will cease. It is well put and very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing such insight!

I have again, a comment and a question.

Do you think that the Samaritan woman was trying to change the subject? (Believe it or not but this is not my question but my comment!) I feel that, being nailed for having 5 husbands and now living with one, was shameful for people even back then so though Jesus is right on and reveals that He is quite discerning, she quickly changes the subject. What do you think?

My question is that Jesus reveals to the Samaritan woman that He is the Messiah and yet, He tells the disciples, when they discover that He is the Messiah, to keep it a secret. Why? Why doesn’t He want people to know but He tells this woman? And the woman not only knows this, but the whole town is about to learn that fact!


Tim, my name is Tina. :slight_smile: Thank you for commenting on my comment. I think I just feel overly self-conscious talking about things that I usually do not speak of but only experience in my intimate moments with God.

All I can say about the Samaritan woman and her conversation with Jesus is that, in her stead, I would probably be trying to change the subject. :slight_smile: But this is my favourite conversion story in all of the gospels. It touches my heart how Jesus reaches out to her to offer himself as the living water, and declares that he is the one the world has been waiting for.

I think Jesus knows who to trust, but doesn’t want to alert those who seek to kill him to his whereabouts because it’s not the right time; he has to get his work done first, before his final and most profound work, on the cross. I think He chose those whom he did purposefully, deliberately, knowing they were the right ones to carry His message. He came for the sinners, right, just as he continues to reach out to us?

I love this woman. She is so beautifully real and human, and so excited to share Jesus with everyone. So excited that she forgets to remain on the margins of the town, living in shame, and only visiting the well when no one else would be there. That’s what Jesus did for her, and that’s what can happen to any of us when we discard our shame to stand in his Light. <3


Gee Tina, I’m glad that I asked the questions and comments that I did. (Including the one about your name.) if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have received such a wonderful expose’ on the lesson. I would have never known it was your favorite conversation in the gospels. That really woke me up to what I miss. Thanks Tina.

I am touched that Jesus would talk to her. She was 1) A woman, 2) A Samaritan and 3) Lived with 6 men. For that day, she was the pits. But not to Jesus. Jesus loves her, because as you said, Tina, her questions were heartfelt and she was teachable.

I would concur with your reason for Jesus not proclaiming His Messiahship.

Thank you for sharing from your heart. I was surprised that you felt awkward in expressing such a good definition of worship. It was generous of you to share what you do only in your intimates moment with Jesus. That really touched me.


Thank you, Tim. This is such a beautiful way to connect with others. God bless.


Tina, this is great. There are book clubs but what a better book to discuss than, not only the Bible, but John is such a great book. I think many would find this study a great tool. A key to growth would be hearing from other too.

Anyone have some insights? I’m not being dramatic, at least I’m not trying to be, in saying that this is God’s Word! What a privilege we have to discuss God’s love letter to us!


@tdw @Tim_Ramey

The above conversation brought out so much for me this week. I have to admit that in my reviewing and studying the only thing that really stood out was the “to kiss towards” and how that represents Total Surrender!!

Tina, I loved your definition of worship. It was so touching and real. But what really caught my attention was your observation that this woman forgot every social discomfort and pain of rejection and ran straight away into town to proclaim Jesus. Wow, that is so profound. I had to meditate on that for a while. What freedom we find when we have our eyes on Jesus and not ourselves.

And Tim, your question about her “changing the subject”. What a profound question. How often as believers do we pursue our agenda in a conversation and don’t pick up on the awkwardness or discomfort of a person when they change the topic. I love how Jesus just went with it. He didn’t try and force the topic, but used the change in topic to bring life to this woman. In a way, is there any better way to esteem another person, then by truly listening to them?

Thank you both for bringing to light such profound and amazing insights. I have much to think on today. Where am I focusing? How is what I’m focusing on being projected to others? Do they see my love and trust and absolute surrender to God? If not, am I surrendered? Am I a listener? or simply interested in getting my point across? I could go on and on… What a blessing to a part of this community! Many blessings ~


Kelly, your comments make me sit up and pay attention. I think particularly of Tina’s remark about the woman forgetting her social discomfort. Tina said it but to have it underlined by you really brings it out.

Yeah, regarding the woman trying to change the subject, if I had been Jesus I would have said, “Stick to the subject ma’am!” Jesus’ discernment is such an encouragement to reply on Him in our dialogues.

I always like your posts Kelly. Thanks so much!