Book of John Bible Study Book 4 Week 12

The Word One to One Book 4

John 5:30-47

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March 29- April 4, 2020

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Can you believe we are a third of the way through this study?

I apologize for posting a bit late. It seems like everything just a little more complicated, but God is faithful all the time! I’m working to catch up here on Connect…I look forward to seeing what’s here!

I’d like to hear what everyone is gaining from this week’s reading. I saw a quote from Warren Wiersbe:

If we reject that which is true, we will ultimately receive that which is false.

This week Jesus offers His courtroom evidence. How do His words affect your witness to those you know who are ambivalent?


How timely life is. Here we have the courtroom scene in John while I just listened the 3 podcasts of Abdu about the case for the resurrection. So many of the principals that Abdu spoke to can be applied here. or one, the burden of proof is laid at the Pharisees feet. Jesus goes from the defense to the prosecutor!

Apart from the legal aspects, Jesus makes them aware that, like Nicodemus, being Pharisees and familiar with the scriptures, they should know better.

I realize the predicament that Jesus faces. He is man but He is God. No one every faced such a situation so He has no basis to to give an illustration. It is so full of interesting twists. I would love to hear other’s impressions!