Book of John Bible Study Book 4 Week 13

The Word One to One Book 4

John 6:1-40

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April 5-11, 2020

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Happy Palm Sunday! As we come into Holy Week, we are reminded of our Bread of Life.

This week Jesus demonstrates His compassion and power to supply our needs, His power over the elements, and life and death. And He culminates our reading with the promise of eternal life in Him!

He says, “It is I; don’t be afraid.”

How are you doing? How is God speaking into uncertainties in your life with these passages?


Fickle people, are we not? Lay down palms before Him and put nails in His palms days later!

The passage has almost too many good points. So much is applicable. We are so much like the people in the passage; feed us, take care of us, I need money, fix this, do that…" Often, I have to be careful to keep Him my King and not my servant.

Jesus did “cause” the commotion. How? If He had no compassion and didn’t feed Him, all would have been well. In our case, He loves us and gives us good gifts and now we make Him our Provider. The author of the lesson says on page 45, “Let’s stop for a moment and compare Jesus’ priority with our usual daily prayers for physical health, a job, money and success…?” We want a king who can take care of us. Jesus’ answer is eternal Life. Jesus’ answer is that they needed Him, not as their servant, but rather, they needed Him instead of themselves. They needed to trade in their selfish lives for His abundant life. How I desire that for so many that are in my life.

Why do we like the law? Why do we just want to be told what we need to do rather than rather than be? Verses 35-40 are so good. In Him is our eternal life.

There is so much in this text. How I wish it was mandated that all of us in Connect would have to read these verses. But then again, I’m wishing for the law, right?


Greetings disciples of the Most High! Loved the question and comments. How is God speaking into my uncertainties? I think often the question for me is more, am I listening to the things God is speaking into my uncertainties! Loved verse 20 where the study pointed out the He is God over creation…and TIME. Not my time; His time. If He had wanted it to take hours to reach the shore, it would have taken hours. If immediate, He showed that He had the power and authority for that as well. The focus of whether He is working is not based on circumstances of this world, but His kingdom. He is always working to bring us to set our focus on His kingdom.

Tim I love your statement, “Fickle people, are we not? Lay down palms before Him and put nails in His palms days later!” So true.

One other verse that caught my attention was verse 24, “Once the crowd realized that neither Jesus nor his disciples were there, they got into the boats and went to Capernaum in search of Jesus.” Jesus was not where they expected Him to be! It’s remarkable that they didn’t just go about their business and forget about Him. They went and searched for Him! Interesting! Based on Jesus’ words in verse 26, they were searching for Him because of the bread they were provided. It took effort and time to search for Him. Yet, that for which they sought Him was not for what He desired. When I realize Jesus is not where I am expecting, do I search for Him? For what am I seeking? May the Lord put such spiritual hunger in His people that when we don’t find Him easily, we seek for Him. (Not to mention the distance they had to travel to get to HIM. If earthly desires can bring about such behavior, how much more will God’s spiritual hunger move us?!)