Book of John Bible Study Book 5 Week 16

The Word One to One Book 5

John 8:12-59

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April 26- May 2, 2020

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You all have been on my heart this week, as I prayed for illnesses, family, careers, etc. I pray the Lord is supplying your needs, and encouraging you as we wait for His timing. Some days seem like a thousand years…

Back to our topic–

Well…I don’t agree with skipping John 8:1-11, but we will stay with the material. My BSF notes from John 8:1-11 say:

The exact timing of the Jesus’ interaction with the woman caught in adultery is not known. Some scholars have placed it differently in the biblical narrative. The account appears in italics in many Bibles because some of the oldest manuscripts do not include the encounter. However, leaders in the early church refer to this passage as far back as A.D. 100. So there is little doubt it is a genuine episode in Jesus’ ministry. Its placement at the beginning of John 8 seems appropriate because the woman’s story illustrates Jesus’ character. The Lord sheds unrelenting light on the sin’s harsh reality, yet His truth offers liberation from sin’s deadly grip.

If you would like to comment on 8:1-11, please feel free! The poor woman in her iniquity was also being used to trap Jesus (vs. 6). And of course His perfection, mercy, salvation and justice (being faithful to the standards of holiness) were wrapped up in His response. I wonder if someday we’ll know what He wrote…

I am reminded to examine myself daily, and be primarily concerned about my standing with Christ rather than with the world. And be honest but gentle with people when they are caught in sin’s struggle.

And then I ended up camping on John 8:12. Such a beautiful promise to those who follow Him. The phrase

Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have (emphasis mine) the light of life.

We are gifted possession of the “light of life”!

How would you describe life that is “lit”?


I just have to say that of all my favourite bible moments, the tale of the woman whom no one stoned (along with the woman at the well) are two that I think about all the time. Also, like you, April, I hope to one day know what Jesus wrote with his finger in the sand. I cannot imagine leaving this out! I think of these stories so often because, firstly, they remind me that Jesus loves me, too, and will forgive me for my many faults and falls and, secondly, that I have no right to cast stones because I, too, am a sinner. These are important things to hold onto.

John 8:12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life,’ and John 16:33 [RSV] ‘I have said this to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world,’ are the two Bible verses I turn to most often when I need reassurance.

I think you are so right, April, about being primarily concerned with our standing with Christ rather than the world. I was just thinking about this yesterday. It’s hard to face negative judgments from our peers, but much harder to face knowing we’ve let down God.

I think a person whose life is lit, in the sense you mean, would walk confidently in life, and take courage when afraid, knowing that the light they are walking towards is Jesus. They would share that light with others, in friendship and love.


@tdw I’m so glad to see you again,friend, and engage with your lovely insight! You know reading your comments I am reminded of something that I’ve really seen for the first time in the last months, and you’ve brought it into the flow of your response.

There are several moments in the gospels where Jesus responds to a situation, and I think, “How was that related to the situation?” I’m not questioning His response, but I struggle to understand the association in the response because at first or second glance it doesn’t seem topical. I’ve listened to a lot of John Lennox lately, and he has really helped me see how beautifully appropriate these responses are when they are deconstructed and examined closely.

I was just listening to the Ask Away podcast Thursday night, and it reminds me of this passage with the woman caught in adultery. In this period of Jewish history if adultery was committed the blame was placed on the woman. We see that the male counterpart to this incident is unknown and unaccounted for. Once again Jesus brings forth the challenge to cultural stigmas with the expectation to examine ourselves because no one is sinless and sin has consequences. He doesn’t tell the woman she is without fault, but He completely changes the outcome of her consequences by personifying grace and salvation.

Then the text flows into “light of life”. While there is discussion on the placement of the woman in 8:1-11, the next training from Jesus points to the life that walks in Him. Then reminds the Pharisee that they judge by human standards!

I have found that while it is easy to commit sin, it is precious to turn to God in His mercy and fellowship knowing He does not leave us when we disappoint Him. I may wait a long time for those things from some of my peers if it ever comes at all.
How glorious it His ways are, and how grateful I am that God is Who He is!


Thank you, April, that’s a beautiful response. Also, I completely understand this:

Sometimes, my response is, “Wait … what?” and I keep reading until I think/hope/pray I’ve grasped His meaning and why he chose to say X at this particular time. If you can point me to some of John Lennox’s discussions on this particular thing, I’d appreciate it. I really enjoy him and learn a lot from him, and had never heard of him until you told me about him.

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Let me see if I can find the John Lennox locations…I get so frustrated with myself. I’ve spent a lot of time and miles shuttling mask supplies around in the last month, and I listen to hours of books and podcasts while I drive, and have these “AHA!” moments. Then later I’m trying to remember where I found that. ( I need another “AHA” moment…) It’s the hazard of driving and listening.

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Ah, no worries. I understand completely because I do the same. x


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You both are so gracious about that text being left out of the study. I’m feeling a little miffed. Such a powerful story of God’s respect and value of women. Women who the enemy has sought to destroy since the garden and how Jesus put the spotlight on the men who condemned her. Ah well, thank you for your example of graciousness to simply share some great commentary. Love all the comments above. :two_hearts:


Love the idea of capturing these promises for myself. Thank you for the idea. I know there are a lot of “promises” books. But, I took your suggestion and captured verse John 7:38 “Whoever believes in Me as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” Somehow typing it out I began to meditate on the verse The word ‘river’ stood out. A river is always moving. Depending on the season it can be an exciting raging phenomenon! Full of energy, joy, excitement, power. Other times or places, it may be a mellow, peaceful, uneventful, lazily gliding along season. A river travels through many terrains. Some stunningly beautiful…and others so boring you can’t wait to move on. ALWAY moving. Never stagnant. Except that a river can dry up. When I’m depending upon myself. When I’m trusting in others for my meaning. When I’m distracted by this world and its fading glory. What a short, powerful phrase this has become. Jesus is the final mighty river and we are all moving towards Him if we continue in our belief.


Oh, that’s beautiful… and so true. Jesus is both the Source and the Delta of our spiritual life and well being. And we need to trust Him with the flow between.