Book of John Bible Study Book 8 Segment 27

John 14:8-21

The Word One to One (W121) Book 8 PDF with the link below:

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To me, the exchange between Jesus and Philip is moving. After walking with Jesus in ministry, seeing the miracles He performed, listening to His sermons, observing His radical love and compassion for people, Philip was still wanting another sign!

I can almost hear the hurt in Jesus’s patient reply,

“Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time?”

Jesus had lived among His disciples day and night, eating, sleeping, praying, traveling, ministering all so He could be known and believed as the Way, Truth and Life before giving Himself to conquer death and sin.

What had Philip (and other disciples) missed?
Do we fail to recognize the ways Jesus reveals Himself to us daily?

The Lord then proceeds to list many promises to those who believe. Not the least of which the scope of impact on the world will be great because of faith in the Lord (14:12). Of course we see this as the apostles consequently go out into Europe, Asia and outward in the middle east after Pentecost. And it’s still going on today!

Among other things in these verses, He promises the Holy Spirit, to “not leave us as orphans”, and to have close relationship with anyone who loves God in Christ.

And here we can take a pause to remember John 14:19b which was Ravi Zacharias’s life verse.

Because I live, you also shall live.

What promises in these verses meet you in your current situation?

How can you look to the Lord’s promises when you need to persevere?