Book of John Bible Study Book 8 Week 24

John 13:1-30

You know there are two things I wish we had more of right now: winsome evangelism in a world of hurt and violence and some serious Bible study to draw near to the Lord.
Thank you for joining me here.
I will be accelerating posts in this category to catch up and we can comment and responds as we are able. Please don’t feel that you get behind. It’s all good.

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So much beauty in this passage!
13:1-9 Jesus expresses His love and demonstrates servant leadership
13:10-17 He describes the true follower
13:18-30: Jesus expects betrayal by one of his own

Jesus realizes He’s about to go to the cross and His time left on earth is short. What does He do? “Having loved his own who were in the world….”(vs. 1) Wow! That just stopped me in my tracks.

How epic is it to be greatly loved and possessed by the Creator of the universe?
Do I actually require anything else?

Even in these last hours He’s loving, training and exhorting His own so they are prepared for what is ahead which will be unprecedented and challenging.

The truth of our spiritual cleansing from sin is well described. “Unless I wash you, you have no part of me.”
We must receive salvation through Jesus.

“A person who has had a bath, needs only to wash his feet.” Here is a clarification of cleansing the whole person once as they are seen in the redemption of Christ, versus a part that requires regular cleansing (my dirty feet in contact with the world!) There is a need for self examination and cleansing on a daily basis as there are no sinless days for me and you. (Am I making sense here? I don’t like writing…)

Help each other out, serve one another, hold each other accountable as we walk with the Lord together. (13:14)

Then the Lord was troubled in spirit (vs 21). This is the same troubled that He expressed in chapter 11 (week 21). He is grieved and troubled over Judas’s loss and his betrayal. I’ve often thought about this…If I had full knowledge that a person who works alongside me would betray me to death, would I manage to treat them as well as Jesus treated Judas? I’m doubting it…Jesus is amazing!

What are some warnings you see about Satan in these verses?

What are some fresh thoughts you have about Jesus’s requirements of His people or qualities of Christian leadership from these passages?