Book of John Bible Study- Taking a Pause

Hey there friends!
Just letting you know there will be a pause on my weekly posts to launch the week’s discussion. Have had just a bit of life going on with several people in my circle needing lots of help, and my husband and I are working through some property and auto damage from a massive hail storm.
I hope to pick up on week 21 in the near future.
Much love :heart: and keep being awesome!


Hello, dear friend,
That will give some of us a chance to catch up (not naming any names but ME). I will pray for your circle and that y’all get your property back in order.
Love from the other side of the world, x


Thank you, sweetie. In God’s timing :palms_up_together:.



I’m so sorry to hear about the property damage. But, what a blessing that God has opened doors for your to be available to your circle of friends. May His wisdom and strength guide and lead you.

For me, I agree with tdw, this will give me the opportunity to hopefully catch up! lol Many blessings to you. Appreciate your lead on this study and look forward to resuming on your return (being all caught up).


Thank you @kelelek!


How can I join this group? Looks like started months ago. Is it ok to come in now and how if ok? Thanks.


Hello Melanie @Melsell20 !
Thank you for stopping by, and we’d love to have you join us! We are working through the book of John using The Word One To One materials which is available in download or hardcopy. You’re welcome to go back into previous weeks and start where you’d like, or start with week 20 and move forward with us. It’s up to you!

Every week posted has the book and scripture verses we are studying that week with a PDF available for download. We currently have people participating in various previously posted weeks as they have recently joined. You can post your comments and thoughts as you like.

The idea is that I post a discussion starter once a week, and we go from there, but this is intended to be pretty organic in nature.

While I do have the current PDF we are working from linked to the weeks, you may, if you’d prefer, make an account on The Word One To One website to get access to downloads from there. (They recently changed their access so you have to have an account.)

I hope all this makes sense. I plan to be back posting week 21 in a couple of weeks. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!


Sounds good. I will jump in when you get back. What day of the week do you post so I can mark my calendar and not forget? Thank you and take care.


I usually post on Saturday (U.S. central time zone). So glad you’re going to join us!

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