Book of Jude

Hello! Everyone I have a difficult to solve regarding book of jude. We like protestant did not accept the book of Enoch as a cannonicle but however the book of Jude 9 was quotes from Enoch (psudopigrapha)
So is this consistency


Hi, Chuimatai! Great question! First, we have to understand that the choosing of writings to include within the canon of the New Testament was regularly discerned by their links to the apostles or even to authoritative eyewitnesses such as James, Jesus’ brother, who became a believer and a prominent first century leader in the church. Jude was probably not as prominent as his brother James, evidenced by his need to identify himself as the brother of James.

I am editing this because I forgot to add that for the Old Testament canon, as far as Protestants go, it was decided that only those books the Jews held as inspired would be included.

Also important, the early church also decided what was to be included within the canonical Scriptures by whether or not the material under consideration lined up with the teachings of Jesus and the apostles or the rest of what was already considered to be Scripture. The book of Enoch contains much that does not line up with the rest of the biblical material.

Even though the pseudepigrapha are not accepted as inspired, quotes from it, like from other uninspired literature, could have been used to help with understanding within the inspired work of Scripture. So this is not an inconsistency so much as a misunderstanding of the use of the material. Think of Christian speakers today. Often times they will use a quote from the well-known works of authors, even of something not specifically Christian, in order to expound upon a point they are trying to get across. That does not make the message they are teaching null and void as teaching any more than it necessarily makes the work from which they are quoting a work that should be revered and something from which to learn about Christian faith and living.

Hope this helps, Chuimatai! Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile: .


That’s great idea that open up my mind, so can we considered that even uninspired book like psudopigrapha also used by God to fulfilled His purpose? It sound like more of negative in God Omnipotent…
How can wee deal with this
Thank you for the thoughts

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I would like to get some clarification on your concern. Are you saying that because the authors of the Bible would allow popular culture of that day to inform how they would communicate to their intended immediate audience that this some how reflects negatively on the omnipotent of God? I will wait until you get back to us on that. I don’t want to misunderstand you thought process here.


@Jimmy_Sellers Yes Jimmy my confusion is… Why the Omnipotent God used the uninspired word to Complete His word… So the very verse from book of Enoch can count as inspired word…? Since it is uninspired book


You have ask a good question. To be fair the Ethiopian church would agree with you as 1 Enoch is part of their cannon of scripture. Here is a link to one view of were Enoch fits into the Bible.

The video will give you somethings to think on.

Here is another link that takes a slightly different view.

Another thing that I find helpful is keeping in mind that the Bible is both descriptive and prescriptive.


@Jimmy_Sellers thank you so much sir for the valuable resource and suggestions, now I got the point. Thank you once again.

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