Books on Atheism

We often talk about lists of books from the Christian perspective.
But what is a good list of books to read from the Atheist perspective?

I am guessing The God Delusion by Dawkins is up there. But what is a good starting point for a reading list if I want to better understand their perspective?

I know I already still have an extensive reading list for Christian Apologetics.

Nicholas Suddarth

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Books on Atheism

This would depend on what you want to know or who you are trying to reach. If you are looking to understand pop-atheism than I would say The God Delusion is a good place to start, although it is a bit dated. It is still relevant to some people who hold that worldview.

If you are wanting to understand a more nuanced approach I would recommend John Gray’s Seven Types of Atheism.

If you want to read more intellectual atheists then I would look into J. L. Mackie, William Rowe, Michael Tooley on the problem of evil and suffering.

You can find more information on their thoughts at:

I guess it depends on what topic you are looking to research.


Thank you! This helps a lot. I will check out the Seven Types of Atheism. Then from there determine what more I need to learn and who I am trying to reach.

Much appreciated,
Nicholas Suddarth

No problem! I would love to discuss more as you explore. I am sure others will have some great suggestions as well.

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Good read. Will read again and we can discuss comparing Gray’s views with material presented in RC Sproul’s Defending Your Faith DVD series.


Good question. If we are going to be good defenders of the faith, we should also be engaging with the best skeptical arguments out there.

Honestly, I would put The God Delusion rather low on the scale of top atheist books. If you want to challenge yourself at the higher levels of theistic skepticism, I would try out some of the following works:

While I think we must challenge ourselves with top-notch skeptical content like this, I would also suggest, as we are easily susceptible to all kinds of persuasion, both theistic and atheistic, that as you read one of these skeptical books, follow it up with a Christian book that offers a legitimate response to the same problems, at the same level of scholarship. For example:

Going back and forth like this may cause some tension, but it will put you in the middle of the best authors on both the theistic and atheistic side of the debate. I do believe that an honest inquiry cannot negatively affect a genuine faith in Christ, or the truthfulness of the Gospel, even if it will cause some cognitive struggle.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for the advice, that is very wise. I will rely heavily on the Holy Spirit to give me discernment whilst reading some of these.

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