Books on Morals, Character, or Integrity?

(Chris Sims) #1

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good book(s) on morals, character, or integrity?


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(Jimmy Sellers) #2

Besides the Bible try this book,

I will say that I enjoyed the book.

(Kathleen) #3

Hi, @Chris_Sims! Just to help us out a bit with recommendations, I’m just curious in what context you’d like to explore these topics? Are you thinking from a philosophical point of view? Or religious? Or biographical? Or cultural? Or…? There are loads of approaches to these topics, and that would help us narrow down what we could point you towards. :slight_smile:

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(Chris Sims) #4

Among those choices, philosophical. But I’m more thinking about morals, character, and integrity in daily life decisions. Maybe examples as well.

(Chris Sims) #5

Thanks, Jimmy, I ordered it last night!

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(Jimmy Sellers) #6

Glad to help. Good reading.

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