Bostjan Bernik

Say hello… of course Hello everybody!:heart_eyes:

I’m 41 years old chap from Slovenia (Europe), my name may sound funny but it is a derivative from Sebastian. Was a pretty devout catholic since I can remember, born to catholic family within a catholic culture (Slovenia is mostly catholic country), started my spiritual path with st. Augustines Confessions some ten years ago which brought me to a place where I started to think and pray about faith, not just religion. Few years ago I found RZIM on Youtube and that got me to where I am today. On my path to Truth and Life and becoming a Christian, not just one hour Sunday member of a church.

I am a husband (not a very good one), a father of three (also could do a much better job at this), I have 7 yo son, 4 yo old daughter and 8 months old second son. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
My earthly pleasure is trail running, my job is postman. :smiley:

The why about Connect: because I was looking for some explanations before and found this forum gives me more than Google. And I also want to ask some Q and maybe contribute sometimes, though I am not really on the edjucated side of the panel here. But maybe through Holy Spirit I might be able to be God’s servant.


Welcome, Bostjan! It is wonderful to hear of your thirst for Christ. You have come to a community where we learn and encourage one another in our personal relationships with Christ. Love this thought,

On my path to Truth and Life and becoming a Christian, not just one hour Sunday member of a church.<


Hei Bostjan, welcome! Your eyes have been opened and what you have seen cannot be “un-seen”.

Please don’t evaluate yourself as husband or father. Be involved in your children’s lives; care enough to ask them what’s going on; learn what they like and dislike; find out what their needs are. Love your wife, no matter what she is saying or doing or what she looks like. Whether you are together or not, love her, and if you can’t, then ask God to help you love her the way he loves her. Ask God to forgive her when she says something or does something that grates on you, but at the same time ask Him to forgive YOU and to make you into a man who has compassion, like Jesus.

You will be surprised at how much just the simple act of praising God for his gifts, even when they look like the one I have right now (a cold that just keeps on giving from my wee grandson who loves to share) or otherwise really unpleasant. God can change you. He can change your spouse. Pray for yourself and pray for her. Pray pray pray for your children. Pray BIG prayers. Ask God for the “impossible” because he says “is anything too hard for me?” (I’m praying for a family member who wants nothing to do with God (or me) to save them and take them into the mission field.).

Blessings on your journey. We’ll meet on the other side one day – introduce yourself properly then. I’ll be the one jumping for joy …

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Hello and thank you, Bostjan, for your informative introduction. I am happy that you started to think and pray about faith. Good that you found RZIM on youtube, where it’s about living and sharing the faith. Here at Connect you have the opportunity to get actively involved, ask your questions and get to know others. I hope that you will quickly feel the loving and appreciative atmosphere of Connect, where learning and growing together in faith takes center stage and education and origin become secondary. Personally, I have already profited a lot from the contributions here. Wish you God’s blessing for your marriage and family. You are God’s beloved child and nothing in this world can change that!

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Welcome aboard @bossteb. Your humility is warming. Thank you for joining us. So glad you found Ravi and others on the internet. And, I think you will help many here - rely on the spirit’s direction. He will lead. God-bless you and your journey and time here

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Excellent intro! Welcome @bossteb :heart: I’ve always loved the name Sebastian. I’ve never heard Bostjan but I like it. You are so personable, I feel like I already know you. You are in good company on the “uneducated” end of the spectrum and thats perfectly fine. They haven’t kicked me out yet, ha ha, joking… :grinning: Enjoy Connect.