Brad Brennan

Hello to the Entire RZIM Family

I born and raised in New Orleans. I move to Las Vegas in 1999 to open a restaurant. Now I spend a tremendous amount time traveling between the two cities.

I found myself needing and wanting more when explaining my faith. Living in both sin cities, I found that my conversations needed more than just a personal testimony for others. I realized that people are seeking more explanations in our conversations.

I looking for knowledge and wisdom to help me grow in the Lord to be a wiser, softer, and more fluent messager.


@Brennan401 welcome to Connect. You will fing plenty of answers and information here. I hope we can all grow to share our faith better :handshake:


Hi @Brennan401, welcome to connect. I trust you will find connect a very helpful place to learn, grow and share. There are so many topics to browse through and glean from. I hope to hear more from you as you engage in this community, offering your thoughts and insight as well :pray:


Welcome aboard @Brennan401. Thanks for joing connect. This a great place to just explore ideas and experiences from a worldview that make such a difference. You are right about people who want explanations because while relativism feels right to some it is only an excuse without foundation. So, when we can train to provide good caring responses we are doing our call. God-bless you and your journey.