Brain and Mind

Upon reading Dr. Sharon Dirckx’s about the brain and mind I find myself asking the question, "Is the mind synonymous with the heart and soul?

Jay M. Vick

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Do not fear those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear the one who can destroy soul and body in hell.
Matthew 10:28

I conclude that the God did us trinitarians, soul, body and spirit, some the scientifics says soul, body and mind, all are localited in ours brain, Our brain works perfectly and coordinates all body, because our souls respond to our fellings, ours body to everything we are tangibly, and ours spirit to mind and awareness.

In the final the body stays here in the world, soul goes to the judgment God.

While the Bible’s use of words like heart, mind and soul are not hard and fast, they tend to be used, and people tend to understand them, in the following way:

The soul is the immaterial and supernatural breath of God that was breathed into man at the beginning. The human soul is what gives us our human nature. It was originally uncorrupted by the sin nature which was added later.

The soul is God’s triune image reflected in man. Only man has a mind to think as God thinks, a heart to feel as God feels, and a will to freely act as God acts.

When Eve sinned, she believed the devil’s lie, corrupting her mind; she desired the forbidden, corrupting her heart; she chose to disobey, corrupting her will. Adam too for similar reasons.

When Christ became a man, He did not fall to temptation - His mind, heart and will remained untainted by sin, making Him the only perfectly “human” Being Who has ever lived - the ultimate Son of Man.

But the more a person’s life is dominated by sin, the more corrupted his thoughts, feelings and actions become - the less “human” he becomes. The most evil man ever will be called “the Beast”.

But in salvation, the Spirit of Christ is born in our hearts and begins conforming us into His image - restoring us to our lost humanity.

I hope these thoughts will help you to understand how our human nature, our soul, is meant to reflect the glory of God in this world.