Brandon Roney from Clermont GA

Hello, my name is Brandon Roney.

I am from Clermont, Georgia.

I joined Connect because I am about to take the RZIM Academy Core Module starting on April 2. My friend and co-worker, Katie Martin, invited me to be a part of connect.

I hope to add some conversation to the mix as I dive into the Module on April 2.


Welcome aboard @brandon.roney. Good luck on the core module. I am certain that you will enjoy the substance as well as the camaraderie that is built up during the course itself. You will be busy during the course work but please do stop and share a couple things you are experiencing if you would like. We will look forward to reading your posts and hearing about your faith path. God bless you and your and journey.


Hi Brandon and welcome. I am sure you will have lots of fun learning through those lectures on the core module as well as interacting in great discussions. Please feel free to start and join discussions through Connect even once your course has begun :slightly_smiling_face:.



Welcome Brandon, being here for me came from an invite as well. All I can say is WOW, connect is a great thriving truth filled ocean of life in Christ. His truth is filled with Q&A that we all need in these latter days with so many worldviews. Enjoy as i have the many commentators, threads available. Post a question if you choose?


Clermont, Georgia? Well, howdy neighbor - I’m not half an hour away in Clarkesville!

Welcome to RZIM Connect - let’s have coffee sometime!


Welcome Brandon! It is so nice to meet people from around the world - and “next door” in Connect! I trust you will find this to be a supportive, friendly community as you go through the Core Module with the RZIM Academy team. It is a really solid training experience and I’d love to hear how it goes for you!