Brant Jordan


I’m a missionary to Sierra Leone, in West Africa. I so appreciate this online community. My wife and I engage in teaching and training. My hope is that this community can serve as a source of encouragement, inspiration, and insight.


Hi Brant! @Brant
Welcome to Connect!

So glad you’ve found us…this can be an amazing community for you two - I’m sure many here would love to support you both in prayer.

We have a prayer and praise category you should check out- let us know how we can lift you up…

Be blessed as you reach West Africa for Christ… thanks for your example of serving and being hands and feet.


Actually it is called Bible Memory and Prayer in the Christian Growth category. :wink:

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Welcome aboard @Brant. Such a blessing to have you join Connect. I hope this group will be a blessing for you. God bless your mission. Let us know what we can pray with you about. Look forward to reading your posts.


Hello Brant. The range of Connect amazes me again and again. How did you hear about Connect? We welcome you here and wish you God’s rich blessing for your ministry in Africa.
(Here is a direct link to the category Heidi already pointed out Bible memory and prayer)


Welcome Brant! I respect your vocation as a missionary. You will indeed get some useful insight in this forum. Blessings!


Welcome @Brant, so glad to have you here. I have so much respect for our missionaries. I bet you have amazing stories to tell. Looking forward to your input here :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Brant,

So wonderful to hear your introduction! It encourages me to say that I am a missionary to Atlanta, GA, where I live! How good would it be if all Christians thought of themselves as missionaries in the places they lived and traveled? May God encourage you and other missionaries in your network through this community! I know we would be encouraged by your insights and participation as well.


Thank you!