Breaking down Barriers

(Kelvin Bottle) #1

How can you break through the walls that are up if anything you say is regarded as hateful?

(Kelvin Bottle) #2

This question is asked based on a discussion that followed this quote by Rick Warren.

" Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate."

(Kathleen) #3

Hello, @Kelvin77! Thank you so much for posting this. :slight_smile: This is really tough spot to be in, as it seems to be a no-win situation!

I just wanted to get discussion rolling with a couple of clarifying questions… Was this a discussion involving multiple people or just you and one other? And were there people in this discussion contending that love = agreement and hate = disagreement?

(Kelvin Bottle) #4

So to set the scene:

Several people involved in the discussion, however what started was one comment that said she disagreed and found it to be disingenuous and that many Christians use it thinking they are showing love but really they are showing hate. (In relation to LGBTQ+)) Several people agreed quite vocally with what she said.

However others showed that they disagreed with her and that she was clearly wrong.

Further the discussion continued as she shared that she is intolerant of any one who thinks they know the truth and that her view point is wrong.

Clearly the firewall is up and in place so very little will influence or change that position.

What I noticed was that no one asked any questions back such as why do you think that?

So that’s when I joined the conversation.

I knew that to state my opinion would not be wise as she would see it as hate. So I decided to ask a few questions.

Why do you think that?
How do you respond if another Christian rebukes you for doing something wrong?

The reason for these is to understand where she is coming from because such a strong response of viewing others as being intolerant to you if they don’t subscribe to the same worldview has to come from somewhere.

It was the second answer that perhaps is most telling, and should that she sees rebuke as being judged and that it’s between her and God and God is ok with her lifestyle choice and why gives anyone the right to shove their faith onto another.

I asked a further question

Do you think that SSA is part of God’s grand design?

In short the answer was yes.

The wholetime I didn’t share my position but simple read/listened to what she had to say.

What was apparent is that at some point this lady had been hurt by Christians and has a system in place that if you say anything against will be shoot down and you will be seen as hateful.