Brendan (not the Irish Patron Saint!)

Hello! I am Brendan.

I live in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.

I have been seeking ways to interact with my Christian brethren in an environment that will both help me to hone my thinking and allow me to encourage and help others in their growth. I have been very disappointed by my experiences interacting with Christians in other environments. I have observed too much of Earth and too little of Heaven in our behavior. I am very impressed by RZIM’s thoughtful approach, starting at the top. RZIM’s podcasts lately have greatly encouraged me. I am thirsty, and this looks like a good place to drink.

I hope to contribute first by listening and learning from others’ experiences by asking good questions, and then by sharing my (hopefully wise) thoughts and experiences. I hope most of all to bring credit to Christ’s name and maybe help to increase Heaven’s population by a person or two.


Welcome Brendan! I hope you are happy with the interaction on Connect. While not always perfect, the attitudes on this forum are friendly, open, and polite. I love it and hope you enjoy your time spent learning and sharing! :blush:


Thank you, I appreciate your welcome. I look forward to interacting on this forum.


Good morning Brendan, I enjoyed your intro. Being raised just south of you in northern Delaware visiting Philly and Connie Mack and relatives there I know it well. There I go I miss an original philly cheese steak. Now in West Virginia, man plans his steps but the Lord directs His path. There is a fountain of truth flowing here on connect, RZIM but remaining thirsty is important so we can share that living water. Look forward to your insight as we both grow in Christ.


@mgaplus4 it is interesting that you said, “remaining thirsty is important.” I have not thought of it that way. God tore false objects of faith from their underpinnings so that I would come to Him. I do not want to become complacent! Maybe this would make a good topic of conversation. :thinking:

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@blbossard Nice to meet you!


Welcome aboard @blbossard. Glad you have found us. We are glad you are here. I hope that you do find the conversations and dialog here friendly as well as engaging. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @blbossard welcome. Your introduction was so thought provoking and inspiring.

I love that :heart: and I trust you will find many conversations to quench your thirst. I have been blessed by the insight here and I look forward to yours as well :pray:
Enjoy browsing :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Brendan .

Hope You will have a Great Experience on this forum


God morning Brother Brendan,

I saw you here yesterday morning, Australian time. It is now tomorrow morning and I am still in Australia.

I haven’t been here in RZIMdom, as a former Brother here once called it, for very long. Six months maybe. When you don’t turn up for a bit, they email you a summary of what’s happening. And hence how come I saw you yesterday.

I was taken mostly, with these salient points.

…been seeking ways to interact with my Christian brethren…

…very disappointed by my experiences interacting with Christians in other environments

…too much Earth too little Heaven

…thirsty - looks like good place to drink.

I pray you will be encouraged and enjoy times of refreshing from the LORD, through some of our Brothers and Sisters here.

I see you seem to have been quite busy. You might already know, but if not; If you type in @blbossard at the search magnifying glass up near the top right hand corner of the forum page you will see all the places where you have made comments.

I haven’t read them all but i did notice, or I think I did, that you like to write. Write on Brother and if it be full of the LORD, all the better. i pray along with you, that Heaven’s population be increased by a person or two.

See again, maybe.


@philm Thank you very much for your kind post. You have perfectly understood my introduction. We my not see each other on Earth, but surely in Heaven. God bless you!

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Hiya, Brendan. Welcome! How about raising your most disturbing / controversial question so we can together practise letting Him answer us as we reason together? Or have you already, and i missed it?

Hope you can help me be less complacent in my believing-understanding. In other words, let’s have some fun!

OK, i just found your “emperical evidence” question. I’ll post an answer over there for starters, then look for other of your postings. Good deal (spiritually).


@DeanW I could not help but grin at your post! There is nothing like a little delight in life, eh? Yes, let us reason together.

Welcome Brendan,

Your comment below carries such thoughtfulness and wisdom,

Although we come to Connect from varying countries, across ethnic and cultural lines, we strive to respond to each person with respect and dignity.

I do hope you enjoy your time on Connect, and to make navigating the conversations a bit easier, I have added a link to a tutorial for this site.

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Enjoy and happy posting. :tulip: