Brian Johnson

Hi, I am a pastor of a small UM church in Michigan.
I fond a beautiful prayer for the crisis we are in on your website. Can I have permission to use it in our worship. We are live streaming because of the current crisis.


Hi Brian!
Welcome to Connect! We are glad you found a prayer that spoke to you. Yes, you can use it for worship. We hope it is a blessing to you and all who join in on your livestream. We just ask you give credit to the original author of the prayer as you share. Blessings to you!


Hello Pastor Brian, thank you, your heart for Gods people is surely evident. May the prayer touch many and bring comfort during these difficult times.
God bless and protect.


Welcome, Brian. RZIM reaches yet another audience in yet another way. God bless you and them!

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Welcome pastor!

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@brianjen1 Nice to meet you!