Say hello…hello. I’m Brian.

Where are you from?
Montreal, Quebec Canada now residing in Toronto.
What led you to join Connect?
I have followed RZIM for years and have found in insightful and thought provoking. Whatever answer I get leads me always deeper into Scripture.
How do you hope to contribute?
To share the wonders of God’s grace. To be a safe, welcoming, and listening presence to one who has no one. Yet we all have a Heavenly Father who wants us no matter how much or how badly we have messed up. image


@BrianE Nice to meet you!

Welcome Brian to the community of connect. Your southern neighbor in WV says heh. Yes our amazing Father is amazing in many ways. Trust all is well and secure in these difficult times. Blessing and honor and glory to Him my brother.

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Hello Brian. Welcome from Johnstown, Ontario and To RZIM Connect!

Welcome to the group Brian.

God bless.

Welcome to RZIM Connect @BrianE :heart::smiley: