Bridging a generation gap: How to constructively engage perspectives of rising generations?

One night, I was suddenly called back to work. Two teachers requested a rush printing job for they need it the next morning for their school assessment. I did the usual: copy their files, resize and print. It was a 36-page job and I needed to print 8 of each. As I scan through the files while waiting for the prints, I noticed that what I was working on was the school’s newspaper. It was fun reading articles; student journalists trying to reiterate the world into letter size publication. What shocked me is the editorial section. Here’s one of the lines:

"Why would parents impose to us their traditions? This is not 1950’s. We are living in an era totally different from them. Why would they tell gadgets are of the devil? Why would they dictate what gender we want to be? It is our duty to make them know and understand in order to make our world a better place."

Now, this is just some of what was written. I know something is wrong in this line of thinking but somehow I can’t make a decision on what to do. I wonder what manner of communication this child has with her parents. I wonder how can someone so young have this urge to break away from the ground she was standing. I feel something weird in my stomach as I finish the article. I’m sharing this so I can have multiple angles in which to tackle this issue. I just don’t want to be the adult who tells but never have any path to show. Thank you and God bless us all.

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@japeth. Earlier this week I was thinking about a similar situation in my life. Where each generation seems collectively, at least for a time, believe that they have insight or revelation into living that has ‘here-to-fore’ escape those that came before them. It is perhaps the greatest most pervasive of human vanities. It infuses every discipline and area of our world. We believe it will be better or different this time. But the human future is just another case of regurgitation. The more we know the less. Our advancements become the current traps. We gain in one area as we lose the preciousness of what we had. Our sins and our mistakes are recycled products. The inexperience of youth makes us believe otherwise.

I don’t know how much time you can devote to “what comes next!” But if you had the inclination to look at the historical trends of past generations you will find this same mindset. You might present in the next publication if it is allowed, the vanities of believing its a new day and time. The greater challenge is not bigger or better, but the ability to refine the proven and true to enhance our current living. You don’t accomplish that by throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

On an individual basis, it might be an excellent opportunity to converse with this young person regarding their beliefs. Keeping in mind that these types of statements like these types of questions will mask the true issue. If you can be patient and just let that storm rage, it will eventually die down long enough to get to the truth. Only then can you offer the answer. They will always get to choose, but perhaps you stand in one of those; “such a time as this,” places.

Don’t be dismayed at what is said or done in this hour. GOD is not taken by surprise, GOD is not stymied, GOD has always had the answer. There is always hope even for the heart that believes they know, what hope should be.

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It’s my personal struggle, to be honest. I feel the new generation because I was like them before. What they feel now is what I exactly felt when I was at the same age. But that thought changed as the years pass. I would like to claim it as enlightenment from the Holy Spirit. I was never open-minded as now. Though I don’t claim that I am mature enough. I just know that studying the Word, meditating it and applying it’s caused me to understand why I was like that. One thing that I understood is that my parents wanted me to grow right but it’s as if they didn’t want to stoop at my level for it would make them vulnerable in some sense. Like they fear I would lose respect for them and so just keep the authoritative facade just to keep me in place. In effect, it caused me to question their intent. But now I understand that their intent was correct but their methodology was somewhat stricken to a particular angle that was not effective for me. All rod, no explanation sort of thing. Applying to this to the new generation, I feel like there somethings the parents need to do in order to help their children be much more understanding of what their parents are doing. My child is eight years old now. The way I do my parenting is to explain everything to her as much as possible that whenever she commits wrong deeds, she already understood where she went wrong. So when the rod comes, she may feel hurt but she will never hate me. I believe, for a child to be able to understand the whys of parenting, the parents themselves must be willing to communicate with their children. To make them know that their intent is for their good. When I was young, it’s really hard to fill in the gaps. Now, the way I see it in that article is that something is not made clear about traditions, proper use of gadgets, gender etc. That the new generation is ‘filling the gap’ on their own. To add more pain to this, the source they are getting their references from to fill that gap are of this world: celebrities that promote “equality of gender”, YouTube gurus teaching them that they, the new generation, decides solely on what they would be, etc. These ‘influencers’ either fill them with worldly junk or stupefy into merry-go-lucky attitude. It’s as if the new generation is building castles midair.

What I can do now is to pray for that child. I don’t know her personally. It’s just her article disturbed something in me. As the Bible said, "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. (James 4:17). I was shaken into this realization and I don’t want to sweep this under the carpet.

Thank you for your @cer7 for your insight. It really showed me that what I stumbled in is not mere a hole in the ground, but a gaping chasm of this life.

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I apologize to the younger born again generation quite frequently for my cooperation and assistance for society being what it is today. Born in 1954 not caring about future consequences participating in the rebelious movements of the sixties and seventies. I looking back realized what I fed grew and grew, no I was not alone many propagated the lie. Society as a whole was mostly selfless. With our me, me mentality, self really. that propaganda is easily recieved, because it fits the self framework. Our Savior the selfless Christ in my opinion started a rebellion in the establishment, that was not well recieved. Been praying for a while the slumbering giant we call the Church would wake up and take back what the enemy stole.

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