I’m from Nigeria

I joined Connect to enrich my understanding of the Bible, to learn from the experiences of other believers all over the world, and hence build a deeper relationship with God.

Inasmuch as I’ll love to learn from others, I hope to contribute to this community by sharing my thoughts and experiences so that together we can grow.


Hello @Nee, welcome to Connect! Learning from other Christians is such a wonderful experience. I recently heard a pastor say that you will never be very close to God unless you have relationships with other believers from whom you can learn different perspectives of His truths. I can say that seems to be true in my experience. I have come to know Him better since joining this group and learning from other Christians. We are so happy that you have chosen to learn and grow with us and look forward to you sharing your thoughts as well! :blush:


Welcome aboard @Nee. So good to have you joining connect and being willing to contribute to the community. If you have I’m done any amount of searching or surfing here at connect I would love to hear your initial reactions and thoughts. I hope you are challenged and blessed by the discussions and content. God-bless you and your journey.


Thanks @Keldon_Scott. I’ve been navigating the site and it’s been wonderful. I trust that this community will be a blessing.


Hi @Nee, welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: I trust that as you engage here, you will find much to glean from and the Lord will bless your desire to draw closer in relationship with Him. Please do share your insight so we can glean from you as well :pray:t3:
I pray all is well, please take care :pray:t3::latin_cross:


Hello Bright, thank you for that intro. Your desire to grow with us by sharing and gleaning all you can is rewarding in and of itself. May you feel welcome and comfortable as you interact with everyone. Let’s us all be enriched in His truth and He recieve the glory. Be safe my brother take care, thanks for joining.