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Hi Kathleen.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Yes you might feel jealous but the extreme heat is a little tiring . As I speak this is our third day over 40 so it basically means after 10 am you have to stay in doors. We live near a national park and yesterday I was out filling up a long deep bucket for the koalas to dip into . They don’t normally drink but in this heat they do .
I have been following Ravi and his team on utube and decided to get involved in the connect discussions. Life can get a little isolating at times and it’s great to have a forum to chat about issues. Sometimes waiting to talk with a friend at home fellowship or church means it just doesn’t happen . The topics can be very interesting. Hope your not too cold . Regards Bronie

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute?

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Hey @Bronie, welcome to Connect! I joined Connect after attending the Emerging Apologist Program and meeting @CarsonWeitnauer. I was impressed by his cultural awareness and he shared with us about Connect. At that time I thought, “Wow, an online Christian community where we grow in wisdom and knowledge of Christ, why hasn’t someone done this before?” And I’ve been here ever since.

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Hello @Bronie . Chandra here from Nepal. After one of the meetings that i attended where Dr. Ravi was the key speaker, i started looking more into RZIM ministries though i had always listened to podcasts for some years back and found out the connect forum. Since i joined , i have hugely blessed with incredible people who are so well versed in answering questions about faith and what not.
Welcome to the forum!!!

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Welcome to Connect, @Bronie! So glad to see you already participating in the conversations. I see you’re from AUS. As it is winter where I am, I am a little jealous of your summer! (Even if it is boiling hot. :sweat_smile:) How did you yourself hear about Connect?

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Thanks Chandra , it’s great to hear how much you have been blessed by the forum. God bless