Bruce Linquist

(Bruce ) #1

Say hello…Grace and peace

Where are you from? Washington State but Anchorage Alaska is home.

What led you to join Connect? utube

How do you hope to contribute? 35 years of listening and journeying with others stories that are broken, traumatized, suicidal, abused, abandoned and addicted with all types of mental health challenges. I bring you my experience of those continued journeys as Jesus walks with me through Holy Spirit. I journey with the least of these made in God’s mage which is all of us. Plus my own journey with the Lord. I’m far from perfect by I know I’m perfectly loved by my God and so are you.

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Bruce. Praise the Lord for His working and faithfulness in your life. How encouraging to hear of your heart to walk with others in their journey.

(Melvin Greene) #3

Hello, @99isthe1. Very happy to meet you! By the sound of your introduction, it sounds like we have similar occupations. I work with homeless men, veterans to be exact. I help them with addictions and mental health problems. I’m glad you’re here and I pray you will fine blessings and opportunity to share your wisdom and experiences here.

God bless!