Bryan Sharp

Yo! My name is Bryan & I’m from Socorro, NM. Me & my wife are staff members for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA Collegiate Ministries at a STEM University & would love to contribute & receive conversation in that field of study! I intend to contribute by pointing to what the Bible says about truth & not what I think to be true.


Hi Bryan! Welcome! I served with InterVarsity for seven years (2003-2010) and was involved with campus ministry for three more years after that with my church home. I consider myself an honorary campus minister and am a huge advocate for the EveryCampus movement.

I hope you will find the Connect community to be a valuable place to contribute and that this might become a resource and discipleship opportunity for the students involved in your ministry.


@bsharp704 Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Connect @bsharp704!

Welcome aboard @bsharp704. So glad to have you joining and helping here. God-bless your ministry in NM. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you here and with InterVarsity. Please do share your ministry with us. God-bless you and your journey.

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