Bryan Sharp

Yo! My name is Bryan & I’m from Socorro, NM. Me & my wife are staff members for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA Collegiate Ministries at a STEM University & would love to contribute & receive conversation in that field of study! I intend to contribute by pointing to what the Bible says about truth & not what I think to be true.


Hi Bryan! Welcome! I served with InterVarsity for seven years (2003-2010) and was involved with campus ministry for three more years after that with my church home. I consider myself an honorary campus minister and am a huge advocate for the EveryCampus movement.

I hope you will find the Connect community to be a valuable place to contribute and that this might become a resource and discipleship opportunity for the students involved in your ministry.


@bsharp704 Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Connect @bsharp704!

Welcome aboard @bsharp704. So glad to have you joining and helping here. God-bless your ministry in NM. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you here and with InterVarsity. Please do share your ministry with us. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hi Bryan! I’m also on staff with InterVarsity. Glad to meet you here at RZIM Connect, and welcome to this community! IVCF & RZIM have very similar values and passions! I’ve served as an evangelist with IVCF for 30 yrs, speaking at evangelistic and apologetic outreaches. Would love to connect sometime! I’m in Indianapolis.