C. Nathan Vannatta

(C. Nathan Vannatta) #1

My name is Nate Vannatta. I live in Wisconsin. I recently joined RZIMConnect after completing the Core Module through the RZIM Academy. I am hoping to stay in touch with current issues that face Christianity and learn from others as they have had to encounter hard questions and difficult situations. Looking forward to learning along side all of you!

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Nate. :smiley: Congratulations on finishing the Core Module, and I look forward to learning alongside you, as well.

(Zach Peters) #3

I’m new too Nate! Welcome! I hope this forum is beneficial for you as we engage our world.

(Anthony Costello ) #4


Welcome! I am thrilled that God has put this love of apologetics into our heart. May He also richly bless your times here on Connect, and may you come into a greater knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus through all your interactions here.

What part of Wisconsin are you from? I am from Chicago originally, so I’ve been to Milwaukee on several occasions. Cold, cold, cold up there!

Grace and Peace,

(Keldon Scott) #5

Welcome aboard @cnvannatta. So glad to see another Wisconsinite here and an academy alum. Where in Wisconsin are you from? I went to high school in the Appleton area. Although I’ve been in Michigan for a long time now I still remain a strong Packer fan. Have you taken some of the electives as well? I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless you and your faith journey.

(C. Nathan Vannatta) #6

I live in the La Crosse area. I am originally from Minnesota, so I have to maintain a diplomatic position regarding the Packers… haha! I am happy when they do well, though, because all my friends are in much better spirits!

But, I have yet to take any of the electives but I am looking into the Why Suffering? or Science electives for later this year. Have you taken either of those or do you recommend any of the other electives?

Thanks for the warm welcome and blessings to you as well.

(C. Nathan Vannatta) #7

Hi Anthony

Thanks for the welcome. I am from the La Crosse area. We definitely had a cold winter this year. Do you still live in the Chicago area?


(Anthony Costello ) #8


Hah, no. I actually live in Southern California now!

The past winter her has also been brutal, its gotten down to the mid 40’s at night and early morning on several occasions. :rofl: