Caleb Platt

I am from Western Kansas, I grew up in a small town of 2500 people. I am currently seeking a master degree of apologetics from Biola University but am currently seeking where God would have me go and do in my life.


Welcome @cplattrzim

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@cplattrzim Nice to meet you!

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Welcome Caleb, welcome my friend, it is good to meet you and share a WV welcome to you here on connect. Your new worldwide diverse family is filled with Q&A. Hope you will dive in the conversations are a blessing and full of thw way. truth, and life. Gods blessings of peace be yours.


@cplattrzim Welcome! Maybe you will get a chance to hear an RZIM speaker at Biola some day! I will be interested in hearing some of the things that you learn as you apply them on RZIM Connect!


Welcome aboard @cplattrzim and best to you in your degree pursuit. We hope you are able to use your passion and training to help the nearly 8000 here on this forum. Glad you have joined Connect. God-bless you and your journey.

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