I am reading Paul letters and am on Galatians now. Reading chapter 4 especially verses 8 to 20 it dawned on me what this means for calvinist. The cross reference given for verse 19 is to romans 8.29 which is the verse about predestination. If Paul was s}preading the gospel and planting all these churches but they turned away, does that mean they were never saved to begin with.

I know this becomes complex theology and I find myself more on the end of Arminianism but still want perspective.

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@Michael_Ryan I am also not a Calvinist, but I think I can say with some confidence that this passage would not alter a Calvinist’s view of eternal security. From the Calvinist perspective with which I am most familiar, someone God chooses will endure to the end. If someone does not endure to the end, then they were never truly chosen. Going back to Jesus’ parable of the seed, their heart was not good soil and their faith was never real.

While I would disagree with this viewpoint, I don’t think this passage would alter their view. This entire area of doctrine can become a bit circular because passages that appear to conflict with a particular viewpoint are subordinated to other passages that are thought to support the viewpoint, which is one reason this is a secondary doctrine that should not separate brothers and sisters in Christ :slight_smile:

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