Can a Christian be an organ donor?

Hello brothers,
As a Christian what is your opinion on organ donation? Is it right to take part in or is it considered seizing autonomy and interfering with His plan?
Thank you in advance. Love and peace to all


Greetings @MoveMountains, great questions.

There are different responses to this questions by Christians. My take is that I don’t necessarily see anything in the Bible that prohibits the receiving or donating of organs and I am persuaded that organ donation could be an amazing expression of love and compassion. It is also important to understand the intricate details/discussions surrounding organ donation e.g when is someone considered dead medically, as this can have a profound impact on how one answers this question.

Here is an article that explores the various questions and responses/arguments that can be made on this topic:


Thank you so much, your response and the article are incredibly helpful. Thanks again, God bless