Can a Christian believe in the Big Bang Theory?

Hi brother, can Christian believe big bang theory? If means how ?


Hi Tim, appreciate the question.

In my understanding, the Big bang theory does not explain why the universe came into being. It does not explain where the universe came into being. It consists of models that (propose to) describe the “expansion fo the universe from its original point before which nothing existed”. I therefore think one could legitimately consider a proposed model of the big bang as a description of the mechanism that God used in the process of creating the world. Models that seem to erase God as the agent of the creation of the universe are incompatible with Biblical Christianity (Gen 1:1).

Here is a helpful talk by William Lane Craig on this. (


Thanks for your Reply dear brother. So if we belive in big bang means. Then how could we explain Psalms 89;11 , psalms 102:25, Hebrews 1:10 , Isaiah 48:13 , Jeremiah 31;37 ?. Please explain brother. Thank you.

Hi @Tim

The first 4 scriptures establish the following facts:

  • God is the creator of the universe and everything in it.
  • as the Creator, creation belongs to him (“everything in it”).

This does not necessarily contradict the big bang.

Again, I think a Christian can adopt a model of the Big bang as a mechanism by which God Created the universe. Of course, there is nothing in the Scriptures that forces a Christian to except any model of the big bang either, so one could also reject any of the proposed models if one was not convinced that the scientific evidence supports the model. But the point I was making is that big bang theory does not necessarily conflict with the Scriptural fact of God’s Creation of the Universe.

Hope that helps.