Can a professional Strategiest in a corporation ever be a Christian? Is there anyone out there who has made it?

Hi. Priscilla here. I have a friend who works as a Strategiest, whose skill is finding solutions for his customers who wants to be profitable in their business. He is controlling and is never shy to the use of manipulation to achieve his ends, both in his career and personal life. He is also a thoughtful person with integrity and honestly diligent, having good standards for himself in those sreas. I have on occasions talked to him to resolve his entrenched personal problems by acknowledging God “who will straighten his path”. He is not comfortable talking about such things. I do pray for him consistently…he really needs God but it would require a miracle for him to admit that.
What else can I do?


Hi, Priscilla! Wow, I think it’s wonderful that you are so willing to converse with your friend about these things! In response to your question about “what else” you can do, I am curious to hear a little more about this:

To help with understanding, can you tell us a little more about what this conversation looked like? Does he see himself as having entrenched personal problems? Did he approach you about it, or is this something you have seen in him and approached him about in order to help?

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This man even tried to put me into compromising positions thinking I wouldnt mind giving in to his advances. But each time he does it I would rely on the might of The Holy Spirit, not putting myself into awkward situations and I would resist gently. Everytime the Lord was faithful even as I never gave in to this person. In time this person began trusting in me, knowing that as a Christ follower, keen only to obey my Lord, I was different. He insinuated he was sensually inclined but despite being a very respected and attractive leader in his profession found it hard to find a good woman to be his wife. Then I put one nuance next to the other and discovered more things about him. That he was a recluse, has a highly philosophical mind, can be very emphatic to the sufferings round him, esp those in poverty. I thought he badly needed a wife. And meaningful relationships with other Christian’s, jz as philosophical and thoughtful like he. I told him and showed the verse from the Bible why God is the only provision to rescue him. That he ought to try to douse out his mental baggage (if he coukd) and jz reach out to Jesus. He has a very private part in his mind where he has slotted Jesus. Up till now I cant fathom his regard towards our Lord. I have befriended this Msrketing Strategiest for the past 10 years. I feel his trust in me makes him FOR Christ and not against. For eg. he would chide at me if he knew that I missed church on a Sunday and being the strategiest that he is, he sometimes guide in in my preparation for some “mission” biased digital outreach. So he’s not totally hopeless ! But to nudge him to make A decision to reach out to him, he refuses, preferring to stay good friends with me AND keep observing me. By the way he was baptized as a Catholic in his schooldays but converted to Islam when he was in his late teens by a decision made by his Father, for the whole family. He lives in Singapore, this friend of mine. We communicate “subliminally” through the Internet. No need for me to explain. Sorry. Has this detailed revelation of mine helped you?

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@Priscilla thanks for giving more information and also for the heart you have for this gentleman. It sounds like, regardless of the circumstances, you have a special place in your heart for him. It also sounds like you are using the most critical avenues open to you…prayer and communication.

I believe that we are given free will to choose God, or not. And sometimes we have to just respect their decision, or delay to decide, while we continue to pray and care deeply. As he is philosophical and does have a sense of integrity, I would say there is hope, so don’t give up or despair. Sometimes people have to come to the end of themselves before they will admit they need a savior. And until they recognize that need, even if they know Jesus, they really having known Him in the right context.

When opportunities for dialog come up, one thought I have is to talk about how morality originated? As a business man he should know that without trust the world’s economy would collapse. But how can we trust without a moral code underpinning every transaction, every deal. We count on the fact that the bank will not just steal the money we give them in “trust.” When we make an agreement with a business we expect them to fulfill their part of the agreement. What is the source of this reality, this truth? Of course we know it to be the moral law giver. That may be one avenue of approach.

Bless you, Priscilla, for being an example of goodness, kindness, and someone your friend can trust. May God Almighty light your path, be with you as you are a light in your world, and continue to give you discernment in this relationship.

Yes, thank you for explaining more fully :slight_smile:. I think @Jennifer_Judson has some good thoughts. Even if he is not open to Jesus for now, he is open to meaningful conversation. Keep praying the Holy Spirit works in that! May God bless you and continue to give you wisdom as you move forward in conversing with him.

I seem to find that there are some , a few, not many that the Lord impresses upon me to pray consistently for possibly a lifetime. He’s one of’em. It also seems the more committed and convicted of total obedience of me to the Lord, the more comfortable he is with me even big-brotherly and protective of me. But no, there are boundaries I wont cross so I stay my sweet and certain self, running to the Lord when he upsets me. Thank you for allowing me to dig so deep within me to share like this. It’s such a great blessing to be here. Thank you. Thank you.

Priscilla I had a thought that I’d like to share with you. Perhaps the thought is of the Spirit. One day I was having a department meeting during which we were discussing how to best position our department for an issue we were having with another area. During our discussions, a young lady who taught Sunday school in her church suggested a tactic that was a bit shady but from a worldly perspective it would definitely cause the leader of the other area to suffer some level of humility. I’ll never forget what this young lady said when I pushed back one the idea. She said, “this isn’t Sunday school.” I had not brought up anything to do with her faith in my discussion. She was just consciously acknowledging that when she worked in “the world” she followed the rules of the world.

I thought about her statement for weeks as I prayed and considered how I would personally manage my people. I decided that the Bible, God’s word, instructs me on the best strategic approach to managing everything in life. I made a commitment to follow that strategy throughout my career. I retired as a director with 60 people working under me carrying responsibility for more than $2B in assets that our area managed. I note the success because it was God’s success. I could not have accomplished such a thing had I not been consciously treating my work “LIKE it was Sunday school.”

The Bible teaches us to love others as we love ourselves. It tells us to give sound advice and direct advice. It outlines how to work through problems. I found that advice… the advice of Sunday school… to be of unbelievable strategic advantage especially when I didn’t know what to do. The Bible is a book of strategy or an instruction book for how to beat live life.

Is following the Word the slow way of building a lifetime of success in corporate America? Absolutely! There are short term battles that could be so easily won by worldly thought but that would come back to haunt you later in your career. But, when you build a life that rests on a Christ like value system, it lasts long after you are gone.

I tell you all of this too suggest that you challenge him to ask you what strategy God’s word would have him follow in various scenarios. Find scripture to support your decision. Pray that the Spirit would use those conversations to build his knowledge base. It just might help him see God should he decide to take the long term approach to building a foundation that stands the test of time.

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Thank you for sharing, Jimmy. For this gentleman, he used to believe in being morally autonomous. I sincerely think he’s not too sure about his stance now. Have to keep leaning unto Him and be ready to be led by His Spirit in order to be helpful to this person. Yes I tend to be in agreement with the 3 of you in that the morals coming from our Moral Giver form the basis of sound principles for the whole world to continue to function upon. I’m sure we shall continue on our conversations. I pray for His wisdom as I prepare myself to discuss these things with him. Thank you again all. God bless!

Without more background on your friends business practices, it is difficult to make any suggestions. I know the Bible teaches us to be ‘wise be as serpents and harmless as doves’. In other words be business smart, but kind and generous. If he is being a success in business, but not harming his business associates, I do not see any conflict.