Can anyone please help out with the publishing of my book on Christian/ Muslim apologetics

(Stephen Boakye Ansah) #1

Hello friends and family in the Lord Jesus Christ, I would humbly ask for help with the publishing of a book on apologetics. By the Grace of God, I have successfully completed the manuscript on this book, and it has undergone some significant editing, maybe, some more of it would be needed. What it entails to go through the rest of the publishing procedure, have somewhat been burdensome for my fragile shoulders, for which reason this project has delayed. I am new to the publishing terrain in America, and all the marketing that comes with it. Any help to lift this burden off my shoulders would be greatly appreciated. Currently, I am caught up with a highly demanding PhD program, for which reason, I am not in the best position to pull all the strands of the publishing process together, yet still, there is no heavier burden on my soul than getting this book out there - that through its reading and teaching, souls shall be saved. If you would be willing to help out, may you please get in touch with me on my email - [email protected], to make this project a reality. Thank you and God bless you.

Yours sincerely,
Stephen Boakye-Ansah
Former RZIM Academy Student

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @Stephen_Boakye_Ansah, congratulations on wrapping up this book - and blessings on your Ph.D. program!

Having published two books myself (True Reason with Patheos and Kregel; Everyday Questions with RZIM), I can tell you that it is a great deal of work to publish a book. I think you sense this challenge firsthand!

So, for what it is worth, here’s my take… for someone else to take this work on, they would likely need to do it out of passion or as part of their formal job. For passion, they will need a close relationship with you, will have personally read your book, and will deeply believe in the value of your book. On the other hand, if it is their job to publish books, of course they will need to believe this book will sell well so that they can stay in business. In that case, my understanding is that publishers typically prefer to work with authors who can dedicate themselves to marketing their books - through book tours, media appointments, speaking events, social media, and so on. Either way, my advice is that writing and editing a book is about 50% of the work. The other 50% is the publication and marketing of the resource. It may be that God has you in this season to refine you and prepare you for “Stage 2” of bringing your book to publication. Unless you are already a very well known author with a large following, the release of a new book either a) takes a great deal of effort from most authors or b) is published but goes unread.

I hope that’s not too discouraging, but perhaps provides some helpful thoughts?

(Stephen Boakye Ansah) #3

Dear brother @CarsonWeitnauer,

Thank you very much for your kind feedback. I find it as very helpful. You have provided me with solid information on how I should expect things to roll out, with regards to the publishing of this book. Once again, thank you.

I find it not too discouraging at all. We embrace the little beginnings so as to do well in the bigger endings.
All praise be to God. How do I keep in touch please?

Best Regards,