Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Be Considered as the Next "god" Within an Atheistic worldview?

Hi AJ, thank you so much for being a part of this. I know your background is in biology and chemistry but I was hoping if you can comment on AI (artificial intelligence) and how it might be considered the next “god” in the atheist world. All knowing as it can collect data from all around, predict your thoughts desires, learns new information by itself with time and all. Clearly people are going to claim that they sure are the gods after “perfecting” it.


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Hi, Daniel.

Wow. I definitely haven’t thought much about AI topics. I really come from a microbiology and virology background. But I just finished watching Picard the newest CBS Star Trek series and it was quintessential storytelling with AI/transhumanism at the heart of it!

I think there are some great topics to lead to the gospel when talking about the desires that motivate transhumanism. In many ways transhumanism is a pursuit to extend human life indefinitely. In Jesus we receive eternal life and we are transformed and given incorruptible bodies. Ultimate transhumanism!

My colleagues Fuz Rana and Ken Samples have a book on transhumanism. It covers many great topics and theological touch points there: Humans 2.0