Can I Be a Christian and Have Doubts? What Do You Have to Say to Skeptics Who Doubt?

There are primarily two types of doubt when it comes to faith, RZIM Asia Pacific’s Alex Stark says: doubt based on intellectual objections, and doubt based on a predisposition to avoid God. One will deepen your relationship with God and the other is a defense mechanism against God. Which type do you fall under? Hear Alex’s challenge today to both.

There is this unhelpful perception in modern-day Christianity that doubt is the opposite to faith, that you can’t be a Christian and have doubts. Such a perception actually forces us to deny our doubts or hide them.

In other words, get this, Jesus condescended to Thomas’s need for evidence…Jesus is the God who meets doubters where they are at.

Sometimes we use doubt as a disguise for what really is just a stubbornness of the will.

Make it Personal

  • What has been the primary form of your doubts? Intellectual doubts, or a “predisposition to run from God”?

  • “As you look into the Christian faith, you’re not entertaining ideas at arm’s length, you’re actually contemplating a King who is very much alive.” How does this shape and transform our apologetic as we come along those who are doubting?

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